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Island area claim still claimed after island deletion

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Account Name:  Voodooshrimp123
Description of the Issue: 

Basically, i deleted my island, and joined forces with a fellow trouble-maker, and since then, i have visited the old area where my island used to be, only to find it still claimed by my username.

When entering the area, i am told that i entered my island claim, which it shouldn't.  This isn't really a problem, but i shouldn't be able to build there, and it certainly shouldn't be still claimed after island deletion.  I am still able to add and remove people, change biomes, etc etc, wondering, is this a bug, or is it intentional, as without my island claim, i would be unable to do island challenges and other useful commands. 

Furthermore, would i be penalized for building a power station off our current island, and in this now void and unused space? as to help with our bases frame rate?

keeping that chunk loaded, but far away from where we play.

*Screenshots:  No screenshots needed.
`Logs:  No logs required. 


Kind regards everyone


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