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Connection Terminated -

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Hello, this error is happening for a few players.

We're getting kicked from the server, time after time after time.  Sometimes it won't happen and we'll be able to play, then it'll turn and won't be able to join the server for

more than 20 seconds, if even 1 second.

Like i said theres a few players experiencing this same issue, and it's not everyone.

Here are the 3 error messages i have recieved on being disconnected


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I too have had this issue. Then again, I crash a lot for various reasons I suppose. Thing is, I've been on heavier islands than my own (more entities), flown around there without an issue. On my own island I feel like I crash more, and sometimes I have it a lot when tp'ing from my home to spawn or the other way around. 

I don't think this generates crash reports. I think you crash too often for it to be generated then. 

Made a screenshot of my crash reports, and also have a separate topic for gathering all info involving the crashes I encounter. I hope it will help us with finding the root cause for this issue. But this particular issue doesn't seem to be noted in the crash reports. (Cause when I have this issue I will try to log in 5 times in a row, and as you can see from the time stamps, these crash reports are usually minutes apart.)


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