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Quagma Inktober Challenge


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Much like last October, where I challenged myself to draw something every day (The Skeleton War, found https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/16556-the-skeleton-war/ ), this year it's Inktober! Inktober is about using ink to draw something every day. This hones your artist skills, and gives the motivation to draw. You can find my art, comics, and each new post on https://superheroesonly.weebly.com/

So let's get started, shall we? 

DAY 1: https://superheroesonly.weebly.com/comicblog/inktober-day-1 plus imgur link for those who don't want to go to my website: ay4LFXv.jpg

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It's been 21 days since the last update, It was my highlight of join the forums daily at the start of the month, sadly no updates. I'm sure there is reason behind the lack of updates. All good though quagma. Hopefully you continue them in the few remaining days of the month :P 

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