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[Rollback Request] Kralj_HD


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Account Name: Kralj_HD

Town name: / Character name : Kralj_HD

Coordinates: X: 3670, Z: -1528, Y: 63 (4) Savanna

Time/date[time/date you want it rolled back to]: 2:55:00 PM/ 1/29/18 

Description of Issue: I went to help out a player at his base, casual as always. 

All of the sudden server reset and when I log back on; I was dead (I believe I died because of some dangerous bees in the area, even tough I was not in range for them to damage me). 

I then go back to my grave and like any ussual town I try to break it but then it all went south. 

The items that dropped were being pulled by a item magnet chest and it kept telling me

I could not pick up anything because town perms were set that way I assume. 


1 maybe 2 mins later the town owner; "Satanismylord" logs on and as we want to pick up my items, 

everything dissapears except the tinkers' tools. I've lost many items which also many I cannot exactly recall. 

I do know that I lost 5 stacks of basic capacitors, 2-3 stacks gold, redstone and glowstone each. 

1 stack energetic alloy, amulet of night vision, Storage module tablet and many more items inside inventory and module. 


Which is why I would rather request a rollback of my character file instead of a refund. 

Thanks in advance for reading my thread and my issue, I also hope for a swift reply. 



It did not let me add pictures, even tough the size was within limits..


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You rolled my character back quite a bit haha. First of all thanks for doing so and so swiftly. The only thing that matters that I'm basically missing is the 5 stacks of basic capacitors. Other than that I got most stuff back and the rest don't matter. 

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