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A Third Maintenance Day?


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First off i wanna say it feels so good to have spare time to post and respond to stuff on the forums.

Now I know brunyman is a very busy man so if you don't like this its okay its no big deal

Ok so I have noticed allot of problems on the forums and people complaining that it takes forever for them to be responded to. This is 77% accurate. A staff member is on almost constantly to deal with this. Shout out to @RandomNukes and @Henkekalmar as they are basically always on. I mean i see there face in almost every page but most problems they cant solve without bruny. The only problem is there are many things that @brunyman cant get to all in one day. and for the people that bruny asks for something (for example a town name) he usually doesn't get around to that post again that day. Now if there was a shorter maintenance day on maybe Wednesday then everything would not be nearly as spread out and there would be allot more circulation on the forums. Plus this would allow for less work on the Friday and Monday shift. Once again simply a suggestion that may greatly benefit the forums. 

Thanks for your time


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I don't see a third maintenance day as an option- while it would be great Bruny spends almost all of every maintenance day going over every server, we need the time between maintenance for development of new servers etc. Not to mention his own personal time for his family. I think it's stressful on him already- However, a few changes will happen and have already happened to make us less "dependant" on bruny and let us among staff do more to help carry the weight on his shoulders.

Thank you for your suggestion though :-) - While in today's standpoint I don't think it would happen... it might in the future. 

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