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Vakor Refund Request


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In game name: Vakor

Proof of Purchase: I Currently hold the rank

Description of Issue: Reset Took The 30k and Legend Keys

Date/Time of Purchase: Honselty Can Not Rember

Items/Rank Bought: Sponsor

Screenshots (Optional): This Is Proof Of My Rank

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Can you please follow this template? 

Seems you followed the refund request one. 

Who told you that you cannot sell things anymore? If your selling "legitimate" items you can participate in the eco, if you are found selling illegitimate items you'll lose this right though.  Rule 4 was changed recently if you didn't know. 

4] No sale/gifting creative/illegitimate items to members outside of your town:

  • 1st offense = Kick + Warn.
  • 2nd offense = 7 days ecoban + Warn.
  • 3rd offense = Perm ecoban + Warn.
  • 4th offense = 2 days ban.
  • 5th offense = 7 days ban.

Economy ban will result in you being blocked from using Auction and Market. You are not allowed to trade at all even outside of these means, and if you do you will be punished according to Rule 2. Creative Players who leave a town must take with them or destroy all creatively spawned items.  Non-Creative Players who leave any town are to leave empty handed.

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