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NEI Issues


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Hello @brunyman ,

I've noticed that some aspects of NEI are mission now after the recent fixes, if possible could the following features please be added back to NEI:

- Magnet function

- Enchanting function

- Potion creation function 

- Can not load saves from left side of inventory

- (New) Trashcan function


Thanks, Skull and others...

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Since the fix that was made forced us to remove the server-side version of NEI so that NEI now runs completely off commands some features were lost... like the ones you mention.

There isn’t a way to keep this fix and let you have these features- as for the current state of the server they are not present.


You are more than welcome- as are other sponsors -to request commands to make up for them missing features... Like essentials has an /enchant command :)

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  • Founder

Yes, so we had to remove NEI mod client side, 1.6.4 mc limitations did not allow us to find ways to get the fix to work. We removed the mod server side this allowed us to prevent abuse of nei features when not logged in and also tag items spawned using NEI

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