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Crate machine. This machines gives you random items for vote crate keys! (You can try it yourself typing /t spawn Watchstore)



Slot machine. This machines requires "WatchStore Credits" and the use of glasses. (You can try it yourself typing /t spawn Watchstore)



MonitorDisplayer. This program allow you to display almost any image from internet typing "!image (url)". You can buy it for $500 (Server Money).



Tracker. This program allow to track players with a really nice interface.




I'm going to add the rest of the programs another day ;)



1. The code is for public usage? No, except for the programs for sell, because some of this code can be used for malicious proposes like track staff players.

2. The "WatchStore Logo" was generated by https://textcraft.net/

3. Why do the !play and !image command take so long? I made the API my self and to avoid overcharge the server It request chat data every 4-5 seconds


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