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Is it possible to install a trashcan at spawn?

Some stuff from the voting crates is pretty useless and gets tossed out at spawn by some players, including me, to prevent the items from clogging up our inventory when using our crate keys.
It's not fun if someone throws his trash at you and have it fill the last inv spots you have while you were about to recieve something epic according to the crate display (no inv space=you don't get your price)
A trashcan (perhaps with a hopper above) would solve this problem so everyone can dispose of useless items (most throw out the armor sets from the leg vote crate because they have better armor at hand already, but it does clog up 5 inv slots)

Thank you :)

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best thing to do is either use a hopper you can drop stuff into and it'll autotrash them, no need for perms.

OR; use a vacuum chest, set a range of like 3 blocks so it doesn't snatch up other goodies traded at spawn, mark the border with stone so players know to stay outside of it unless they WANT to lose their items, and then hook it up to a trashcan

depending on what shoppingplugin is used, you can also use a "donatehand" sign, linked to a chest somewhere, hooked up to the trashcan.

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