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Complaint craftyguy23, Manyouforgot, Imperatus


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In-Game Nickname: as was mentioned in topic want to complaint on three incompetent admins(moders etc.) craftyguy23, Manyouforgot, Imperatus


Time and date: today few mins ago

Description of what happened: My previous complaint on craftyguy23 was closed by Imperatus, why? I do not see any punishment in order to craftyguy23. In previous topic you can read it above, we got ban and rollback towns without any proofs, and other admins just protect him. craftyguy23 is this so hard to admit your mistake, and say sorry?

Can adequate admin handle this topic? Not you craftyguy23 and your friends?

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Covered in previous topic, which was denied with the approval of higher staff, which was me. I've looked over the evidence, and I have to agree with them. There was very clear evidence of duping, and in the rules this means your town is wiped, to remove all duplicated items, and from the looks of your town, almost all of them were. There was no abuse from staff here, merely an application of rules, and if you create another topic about this, you will be given a forum warning, and put on mod queue. There is no abuse of power from staff found here. Don't waste staff time like this.

In future, if you think a ban was unfair, you create an unban appeal topic, NOT a complaint topic. 

Topic closed. Forever.

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  • quagma locked this topic

You already had this topic closed and explained by staff- the staff that you now decide to make a complaint about ?.

It is valid evidence and the ban was justified, you bare responsible for items within your base and how they got there- even if you claim that you didn’t dupe it doesn’t doesn’t help cause they were infact duped.

Craftyguy could handle the topic and he did handle to topic, Imperatus stepped in because you weren’t able to see reason


This is an invalid complaint, you could’ve made an unban appeal while you were still banned but you can’t form a complaint against staff just because they are doing the right thing. 

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