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Outer Lands/Eldritch Dimension weekly reset


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Hey, I've been trying to figure out a way of obtaining Praetor Armor and want to ask, would it be possible to add Thaumcraft Eldritch Dimension to the list of dimensions reset regularly? This is low priority of course and I don't know if this wont break the dimension/its possible at all, but there's few reasons I think this might be a good idea:

- Obelisks spawn only in overworld, which limits their number
- For some reason, certain people destroy the obelisks without opening them (which provides nothing...) further limiting their number
- Certain items are only obtainable in the dimension, namely Praetor Armor (25% chance per obelisk) and Glyphed Stone scan (needed to unlock some research in thaumonomicon)
- Reset would mean me and other collectors can farm single obelisk entrance instead of opening multiples to collect the armor set

Honestly I feel bad opening more than one obelisk, depriving other players of their Outer Lands trip, all the while I'm not even guaranteed to get results (the sweetest looking armor set in the game). Brews are disabled so I cant use Brew of Ill Fitting to knock the armor off the boss, even if it spawns, and Tainted Magic is not included as a mod in infinity. 

Alternatively, perhaps a custom recipe that involves lots of essentia and ichor to create the armor?

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Monthly it is, sorry for the mistake.

Before you do, I'll see if I can test whether resetting breaks the dimension - Im still somewhat worried resetting it could potentially wipe it without generating new dungeons, unless you are simply reverting it back to previous state.

The dim ID is -42 according to server /cofh tps

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I've deleted the dim folder in single player world; the game generated a new copy of dim-42, exactly the same as the previous one; portal from obelisk was functional, but it needed a few seconds warmup period before it started working, probably to link the portal coords. Seems safe this way.

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1 hour ago, Akademee said:

Hi all,

If all dimensions are reset monthly, does that include the mining portal dimension?  If so, when does that take place so that I don't lose my ender quarry? :) 

Yes, at the monhtly maintenance, at the end/beginning of the month. This time around it will probably be June 1st, as it falls on a friday

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