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Unban x3


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In-Game Username:

Details of Situation:

I was banned for spawnkill CTW

Ban Category:


Ban Duration:


Staff Member:




Your Reason:

I received a notification that I have been banned, but now by SpawnKill CTW, I want to see evidence of my alleged ban evade please .

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Inglish Google :

Am.., I do not see it as proof of SpawnKill, are just images of how I walk on the map, you do not see the alleged SpawnKill, also the reports of SpawnKill are with proof of the kills that come out in the chat for spam, not simple images, for the next best take some good pictures man :D .


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Enchanted full diamond, enchanted bow, sword, enderpearls, pots, people complaining, 6th offense... And you really are still saying there is not enough evidence? ha-ha. Btw, finishing games with those items in less than 10 minutes is punishable. 

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Spawnkill is not letting people go out from the spawn. People complaining yeah, read the screenies' chat. I didn't said enchanting was illegal mate, I said finishing games with those op kits like gapples, ender, etc. is punishable.

Your ban is for spawnkilling 6th offense, only 4d. Give thanks to her because it could have be more if she had added the punishment for finishing the game too early.

Geri is not available at the moment but she gave me the permission to close this topic ?

So yeah, unban request denied, T/C and sweet dreams!


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We discussed the theme with the staff and the final decision is that there is not enough and clear evidence. According to this I unbanned you.

My excuses for the misunderstanding. 

But also keep in mind that you have 5 past punishments for spawnkilling and if this happens again we will have to take action.

Unban request accepted.


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