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Inventory Refund

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I logged off last night with a pretty standard inventory with stuff i used near 24/7 and when i logged on and logged in today its all gone, I was wondering if i could get this stuff back as it would take a bit to rebuild it all and since it's gone productivity will be at an all time low which is not something i like on tekkit. Here's a list of what I lost, i had 2 backpacks, hence the list may be long

Resonant Jetpack, flux infused omniwrench and pickaxe, erosion shovel, around half a stack of beef, 16 levers, and a bucket of water

Backpack 1: 2 pumps, 1 quarry, 2 leadstone energy cells, a hardened energy cell, a resonant energy cell, a stack of redstone energy conduits, 2 stacks of fluiducts and a stack of itemducts, 1 full lava drum, a stack of cobble, and i believe 17 landmarks

Backpack 2: 12 empty drums and 1 full of oil, along with 1 refinery.

As much as i know this is a lengthy reimbursement, this inventory is one ive eben using since i originally made it and it would take me approximately 2 hours to regather necessary materials and craft each piece, as you refunding it would likely take 5 minutes, regardless thank you for seeing this claim, get back to me when you can.


P.S. There was also about a stack of unfilled redstone energy conduits i was crafting

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