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[Refund Request] elsbury123


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Your Name: elsbury123
Item Name + Amount: 1 flux pickaxe with efficiency 4, unbreaking 3?, fortune 3

1 flux sword with sharpness 4, unbreaking 3, fire aspect, looting 3

1 resonate jetpack

1 powersuit helmet with night vision

1 powersuit legging with speed walk

1 powersuit boots with shock absorbers

oxygen mask

2 heavy oxygen tanks


A bunch of other stuff that I dont care about like stone. I think i had other stuff on my powersuit but I wasnt sure what.
Coordinates: -2445 64 -2983
Description of Issue: I was killed by Trilon97, cant remember exact name. He used a bow to bypass my town claim and kill me while he was sitting at the border of my claim shooting into my claim. He did this and admitted it. My items were lost (either he took them or they despawned). He was banned because he admitted bypassing claims, but i wasnt able to get my stuff back. The screenshots i have provided are from older dates, as i dont have more recent ones of everything i had. you can see my powerarmor meter in the right proving i had that it and me floating, showing i had a jetpack, and the pickaxe i had before i made the sword, and before i enchanted it.
Screenshots (Optional): 


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