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My group of friends and I were working on an island in which my friend 135ac owns. I went on the server/island a few months later and it said that I didn't have permission to do anything on 135ac's island. I was confused and asked my friend 135ac, and he said that he never deleted my permissions. The same thing happened to everybody else who was working on the island. As of now, my friend is inactive and can no longer come online. I don't want all the progress we made to go to waste, so I want to continue working on the island, but I can't do that if I don't have permissions. Were the perms erased at some point in time? The last time I logged on was probably 6 months ago. Another odd thing that happened: I was also removed from the clan, but again I was never kicked by the leader which was 135ac. image.png.e1b2863197668ce16e616a9c912463f7.png

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