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request on deleting an item from inventory

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The exact same thing happened to me


Your Name: TheO0032

Coordinates: Towilloughby's island

Time/Date: 8/01/2018 CST 13:00

Description of Issue: I imported too many blocks on a chiseled leggings. Thought it would be cool to wear towill's base. 

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https://imgur.com/EyjKlvh (Current Inventory)

Yeah I can login for now but my inventory is a bit, strange.

I would like an item refund and here is the list:

1x Staff of power (silk touch enchanted)(Full Draconic Upgrade)

1x Draconic Bow (Infinity I, Power V Enchanted)(Full Draconic Upgrade)

Whole set of Draconic Armor (Protection IV enchanted)(Full Draconic Upgrade)

5x Draconic Flux Capacitor(Full Draconic Upgrade)(And Chaotic Battery Capacitor Upgrade)

1x Supremium Pickaxe (Miner's Vision Charm)(Fortune III Enchanted)

1x Acceleration Wand

1x Swapping Wand

1x Illumination wand

1x Unbreakable Wand

1x Phase Field Generator

1x Ring of Aesir (There will be soulbound please do not just throw it in a chest)(Maybe I will tell someone for that)

1x Cloak of Sin

1x Cloak of invisibility

1x Mana Tablet (Full Mana)

1x Diamond Chisel(Chisel and bits)

1x iChisel

1x Diamond Backpack

62x Royal Chest

64x Screen (Extra Utilities 2)

1x Advanced Dislocator

400L Experience



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Items refunded in a chest at your /is home. I apologize for the items not being charged. Ping us on Discord when you are online so I can give you the Ring of Aesir. Sorry for the wait, and if I missed anything, please let me know down below. Hope to see you back online soon!

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