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Tired of DragonSounds? We got the fix!

llaya [LayaElisabeth]

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Hey guys,


Some of you have been complaining about loud and obnoxious Dragon Death sounds (or the potential heart attack that might follow).
Turning down mod sounds all together might not be an option for people who like to be alarmed of danger closing in on you. And what about other sounds you might find annoying, like tnt-blasts or fireworks, that you can't turn down without muting an entire genre of sounds?

We now have an easy solution thanks to @Lancelot


  • About the mod

Since higher mc versions have the Bad Wither No Cookie mod to silence dragons i talked to Lancelot about the idea of forking the mod into a 1.7.10 version and so this idea came to life.

This client mod is named "SoundOfSilence" with special thanks to @Terminator and tested by @MeanManSlayer and me. The dragonsound is silenced by default and  the configuration gives players the option to add extra sounds they don't want to hear.

Use this link to download the mod: https://www.dropbox.com/s/y94y8cogw44e2zk/SoundofSilence-1.7.10-0.0.1.jar?dl=1


  • How to install/customize:

After downloading, locate your "mods" folder in your ModPack files and move the .jar file there.
From there just launch your modpack and the mod will install itself and make a configuration file.
If you only want the dragonsound muted, you're done here. Enjoy :)

If you want to customize:


- go to your game menu and click "Mod Options" and then type "sound of silence" in the search bar, then click "config" to see the options.
dragonDeathSilenced=true by default. It means the sound is effectively muted. Setting this to false means you will once again hear the earblasting Dragonsound, but why would you do that? ?

- To manage or add extra sounds, click the grey box next to "extraSounds" which will contain 2 presets that are muted (clicking X next to the presets will remove them and re-enable their respective sounds. You also have the option to add extra sounds.
witherSpawn and thunder are suggestions which you can add (+) or delete (-) or just let be.

-Click "add new entry" to add extra sounds to be muted. Please note that you can group sounds in the following formation; 'group.' '.group.' and '.group'

will silence all sounds from the zombie group (groans, zombie-on-fire sound, deathgurgle,..)

-If you add sounds you might need to restart your game.



If you have any suggestions or problems, don't hesitate to let us know in a comment.

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