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[Refund request] Dragon hearts


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  • geri33 changed the title to [Refund request] Dragon hearts

Well first off I doubt you would drop 36 dragon hearts for any reason at all then let them despawn. I would like to see some sort of proof that this happened, rather it be someone else that can actually confirm this, the dragon eggs, the dragon chunks, infinity boosters, or the epic shader grabbags. 

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We’re not doubting that it did, but so that others don’t abuse the system of refunds we must demand proof for a refund of this quantity and quality, as it’s quite valuable items.

This is to prevent other players to lie in refunds and just make up all the item they could imagine with no proof at all.


It’s the same logic to how if you are to return an item to a shop in reallife- if you don’t have a receipt but the item isn’t of much value, $5 or so.. they might still take it back without that but of a fuss.

But if you come with a $500 dollar item and all you can do is tell them you bought it there... they wouldn’t be taking that back ?.

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