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Raided on a PVE server


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As Ivanova said you may make a post in Technical Support asking for a refund, but please follow the template as well for a refund. 


On a side note this is a PvP server.. 

But that doesn't mean people can try to bypass town protections, the item was supposed to be protected. 

What perms did you have for your plot for the ender quarry? 


The proper setup is like this you'd make a town for the ender quarry that's 3x3 chunks big. 

In the center chunk you would put your Ender Quarry and make a plot for that with the perm "modify" set to true. 

And change your town perm "Enter" set to false. 


Doing this people cannot get to the Ender Quarry to break it and it'll still be able to operate. 

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