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[Complaint] (Oozoozami)


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In-Game Nickname: Oozoozami

Time and Date: 2018-09-23 18:00:56

Description of What Happened: While I was visiting Spawn for a quick purchase, I was ambushed by Oozoozami who cast Paralyze on me.  While I worked on screen capturing what was happened I realized they were spamming chat with, "Everyone come to spawn for freee keys!"  I also saw they were hounding other spawn visitors, though I was struggling to capture screens of this.  I also missed getting a screenshot of who else was there; sorry.

Screenshots or Proof: https://imgur.com/72horNo https://imgur.com/a/alhCHvA https://imgur.com/GEcb0e5

List of eyewitnesses: I was a little too clumsy to screenshot them and Timed Out before I could /list them.  Sorry.


I'm Ingenieur_13 in game on the Infinity Evolved Expert Servers. ^.^d

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