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(Swimsam/jackseno accusation)


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In-Game Nickname: Swimsam1

Time and date: 8:53 pm 10/7/2018

Description of what happened: today I have been on all day, and see swimsam on his alt account jackseno, nicknamed fish, all day as well using gmc to create his base, later when I saw swimsam1 join for the first time today, or at least since 6 in the morning, he had power armor to the point where he could fly, go invis, jump assist, and more attachments, he also had 4 energy cells in his inventory, but when I accused him he hid 3 of them and said he only had 1, he also has a sharpness 5, looting 3, unbreaking 3, fire aspect 2 ruby sword, keep in mind this is all on Day 1.

List of eyewitnesses: AO_Playz, WadeTommyWilson, and more in global chat, I cannot scroll up as swimsam has used legendary keys to block chat up.

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Oooooooooof your proof any proof at all except my base was made in creative? I hate this harassment. ein has gotten his clan members to pm me on discord calling me a cheater. I couldn’t trade with anyone last night because they were scared. Look i have 50+ vote and legendary keys from my accounts thats were my rapid progress came from. Not to mention that he brought this up in a discord last night which was the wrong way to go about it, also if you check chat logs i say something like “so mamy keys to open” before I opened them, and sorry that I had keys. 

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After looking into this matter I have finally decided on my approach to this.


Based on what I have read regarding this complaint and my findings I believe that Always_Ein is correct in the matter that you used your ALT account to gain an advantage in the server. Regarding the complaint, the way he uses his alt account is perfectly fine however, some advice to you @Swimsam777, please consider that what ever you say, I believe that some items you have are creatively influenced and therefore please consider Rule 4 and 5 when ever you plan on doing something (such as PvP).


As you asked for proof I will share why I believe this.


2 hours ago, Swimsam777 said:

Look i have 50+ vote and legendary keys from my accounts

For starters, you only have one S+ account as far as I can tell. Therefore, the minimum amount of Legendary keys you would have is 7 keys. Judging from the balances of the top players your jackseno41 account got the S+ rank reactivation (per your request on the forum). Judging from what is inside your ME system, there's no way you actually opened 50+ legendary crates and even more Vote crates. Since you get many more vote keys than legendary in any purchase, your statement seems false.


Now lets go into the interesting stuff. The first thing I noticed was this gem right here. Using your creative account to spawn in storage cells would make the items stored within that cell creatively influenced ;). I am also thinking that the other 16m storage was creatively spawned but the tag was removed as getting a 16m storage drive after the first day is pretty much impossible.




Lets move onto the sword. This sword (as Ein mentioned) has Sharpness 5, Looting 3, Unbreaking 3 and Fire Aspect 2. After looking around your base I see no indication of any enchanting table, Auto-Enchanter or Anvil. Without searching a lot of dungeons for the right amount of books to craft these (which isn't possible without an anvil) then there's no way it is legit. You have even named this sword which would require an Anvil, my best guess would be you spawned one in and then destroyed it (open to suggestions but I'm certain). This would also take a long time, which you clearly didn't have since you were using your ALT account to build the base.



Now lets move onto the Power Armour. If the power armour didn't have almost every instalment I would have believed that this was legit. Though to be honest, after looking at your base and resources I still would not have believed since you are lacking a lot. Lets see, first you have energy shield on every piece of armour, that's 8 Energy Field Emitters straight off the bat, this is without even thinking about Active Camouflage. Now, since you have literally no machines at all in your base, I do wonder how you were able to get these on the first day, no one would of been able to sell them to you since everyone started off with nothing too. Before you say anything, yes I know you can get power armour parts from the legendary crate, but judging from what you got, I highly doubt this. Since I've said that there's isn't really much need to ask about the rest since it's quite clear you used your creative ALT to put those on. Don't bother saying "there's no tag so I can't have done that", I don't fancy explaining this on public forum.






There are other stuff within your base I could probably mention but at this point I don't really see the need as I think I have shown my point.


In conclusion, it's clear that you have creatively influenced your base and the Swimsam1 account meaning that you are subjected to follow Rule 4 and Rule 5. As mentioned at the beginning I advise that you do not do any sort of PvP or give away/sell some of these items as they are creatively influenced.


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I was very cautious as stated that is not "" my base but more of a self achievement, I have bigger plans for a base. First I stated I have done nothing wrong. Two @brunymanI hate the fact that anyone has access two /invsee as it creates boy crying wolf situations like so. FOR FUTURE REFERENCE my "base" which is the helicarrier stated above is a personal goal and is not my base but a meeting point However i still am planning on using the same town for my base and starting over after I am done with the helicarrier. my base is going to be a naval base with a collection of a few ships. Yes the sword was influenced creatively which i stated. @EPICfighters I still intend two trade with people, but i wont be using anything on the helicarrier. if it helps you sleep you can clear my inv and my me, because creative was for building and claiming the helicarrier. I do what some repercussion because this was none of eins business, it was taken WAYYYYY to far, it caused harassment where i was called a cheater. He did this with the soul intent to harm me. And I wasn't lying I got almost exactly 27 leg keys and 48 vote keys.

I have been trying to better myself and stay away from cheating.

I do not intend to come off aggressive

Thank you for your time

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