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staffer gets played


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ManYouForgot got played and trickt by another staffer Dezegames (helper)



Dezegames sayd i greeft hes base whit magic he even made nice screenshot of nothing.yEAKisH.png..


ManYouForgot ban me for 14 days for greffing Dezegames base ^^ very cool done.....


there is just one propblem SethRex dosen know have to yous magic ^^ FUN FAKT



thise screenshot shows were i hid his base whith my staff of power not magic and Dezegames claimt this area after i hide it..


i hide his base by aksedent and i censt on block i ditten even know my staf got do that and i got 14 days ban so fair


one more ting Dezegames destreyd a part of my base (not claimt base)




so playd…  


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Sorry for the delay in response.
Hello @SethRex

I am sorry you feel this way about me, that you feel I've been "played"

Your base is bound to be griefed and there is "NOTHING" in the rules stopping them from doing so, your build is roughly 3906 Chunks in size, and you can only "Protect" 112 through MyTown.

Anyone could come up to your giant structure and think its been abandoned due to its size before you even get to your claim, my suggestion to you is either purchase additional claim or a mystcraft/rftools save and build your base there and protect it.

If you had made a reasonable base within your Mytown claim then this wouldn't of even been a problem, not saying i agree with them doing this to your base but its not protected by the rules. If you read rule 8: "No Griefing *ANY* Protected Territory"

This does "NOT" include unprotected bases such as yours.

Furthermore I know you was mad at the time after seeing someone mess with your hardwork, you might of seen DezeGames and you not having any form of proof beside his word vs yours is hearsay and i would not punish him even if he did destroy your unprotected base as stated above, but in no way did that give you the right to grief his *Protected* base in return.

And to address your "Fun Facts" 
He didn't know what you did no harm in speculation, but one fun fact we don't know is why you went to his town and then tried to mess with his border.



On a side note any additional lag caused from your base that is deemed unacceptable will fall under Rule 12, which you already have been issued a 1st Offense on already for threats to turn the entire server dirt and amongst other threats such as directly causing lag in spite of whoever griefed your base, which wasn't a great idea to threaten as there is a topic just made about this the other day from you quarrying the overworld in massive areas and turning it all to dirt. 



I really considered reducing your ban, to a first offense since your last offense was so long ago (even though how severe it was, Griefing Spawn, which you even noted during your threats that you sometimes need to challenge the staff, technically you got a break then as you should of been Permanently Banned, you will not receive anymore breaks.)

The way you showed zero respect towards my fellow Staff members and the Server, it's unacceptable and as such I feel you should wait out the duration of your ban.

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9 hours ago, Manyouforgot said:

but one fun fact we don't know is why you went to his town and then tried to mess with his border.

Why did you goto Deze's base? He was new and had just started this server.

Also this is kinda getting out of hand, better to accept the punishment and move on. ❤️ Just my suggestion.

Plus, no need to give staff abuse over this topic.

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