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New modded server? FTB Sky Adventures


FTB Sky Adventures  

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  1. 1. Should we open a new modded server on FTB Sky Adventures modpack?

    • YES! Close SkyFactory2.5 and replace it with FTB Sky Adventures.
    • YES! But keep SkyFactory2.5 server too, get a new dedicated host for FTB Sky Adventures.
    • NO! I don't like that mod pack.
    • I don't care. Just show me the results.

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So we want to open a new server on FTB Sky Adventures modpack. Modpack details.


"FTB Sky Adventures is a large 1.12 modpack with a mix of tech and magic mods using a new questing system, FTB Quests.  This pack is centered around Project-E for resource gathering after acquiring your raw resources with Ex Nihilo in early game.  Quests are not forced progression so the route you take is up to you.


For the first time in a FTB pack we focus on fun, fast progression if the player chooses to.  Get loads of resources and blocks quickly to build the ultimate sky block base.  Dive deep into the tech and magic trees of all mods, and even explore bee breeding!  Trust me, it pays well!


Rewards are handed out in the form of in game money, save up your cash to buy unique and helpful items from the reward store found in the last chapter of the quest book.  You also have the chance of getting rewards that could change the way you progress! *Note this is not real money, just in game currency that has no use outside of this modpack.  Quests are completely optional and end game can be reached without even opening the quest book if the player so desires*"


We want your opinion on this idea, should we close SkyFactory2.5 and replace it with FTB SkyAdventures? or keep SkyFactory2.5 and open the new server on a new dedicated host?

SkyFactory2.5 is old and very few players still play on the server, amount of daily votes also reflect that, details here.


Please vote in the pool above and let us know what you think!


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