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[Refund Request] 

Your Name:
Item Name + Amount: Nether stars ( 2 )
Description of Issue: there was some form of issue with the server so everybody got disconnected at roughly 16:00 GMT ( maybe a little bit before ) ... roughly 2 minutes before the server issue i purchased 2 nether stars from a user named DarkJayYT for 1500 in game money, after a little time i managed to reconnect to the server as everybody else did and i didn't have the nether stars or my 1500, i spoke with DarkJayYT in game to request the nether stars again but the player said they no longer had them either. i wasn't sure what to screenshot so i just screenshotted a section of the converation that occured after the server came back online
Screenshots (Optional): image.thumb.png.05b4bf6bb35ee98d31a8da8764e49ac1.png

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