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unban Itz_Hygum


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[1] In-Game Username:

[2] Details of Situation:

I login on the server and i tpa to my friend and i spawning a hydra some i got from an unclaimed base. so we go back to ours base we was empty some backpacks from me system some i get from a unclaimed base. So after i was going home, and soe I login in on the server and i am banned. for items I found in the unclaimed base  

 [3] Ban Category:


[4] Ban Duration:

2 days

[5] Staff Member:


[6] ScreenShots:


[7] Your Reason:

Exploting. for items I found in the unclaimed base  

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I had asked you and Itz_OreoMC to give me all of the exploited items and you two gave me 20 hydra eggs after that i did an invsee on you two which showed me that you two had more hydra eggs and mining laser with 10G eu and a laptron crystal with 9.88G eu which i  asked you two to give to me and you did but after waiting for a while you two had more of the same items in you inventory.

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3 hours ago, Manyouforgot said:

Appeal Denied. 

There was more than just a few items in your me (especially if you gave them "all") it was very obvious that you were duplicating these illegitimate items in more than excess you had 37 backpacks with the same inventory. 

As it has been declined im going to be locking this thread if you want to reappeal then please create a new thread

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