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Skin not showing

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I just joined the Assassins server and my skin isn't showing up. I tried restarting my Minecraft several times without any success. I have a legit Minecraft account, fully paid, not cracked and this skin problem really bothers me because I got so used to my skin that I can't even play right with the normal Alex/Steve skin showing all the time. I would really appreciate any help/suggestions that may solve this problem. On other servers my skin is working fine, just tested it out because I thought the problem was from my side, but apparently not.

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The skin works! However, I just found out that my vault reset to level 1 (Was previously level 2) and everything from it is gone. I don't recall having many items in it, probs just a couple of common horses and mules. And that also my whole balance reset, since I just sold 2 pieces of gold, some iron and some coal and now I have 9k, exactly as much as only that is worth... I don't know how you can check to see how much I had before, but I certainly didn't have 0.

As long as the monetary problem can get fixed, I couldn't care less about the vault

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maldito servidor de mierda no sirven para nada uno tiene un maldito problema y ustedes no ayudan pero también me tiene asta la madre sus bugs de mierda siempre me muero en un parkour difícil o porque el clic derecho no sirve o por que lava al tratar de subir automáticamente me baja y el gancho que aveces o quieres hacer un salto con gacho  el gancho se bugea y no funciona y te caes y mueres


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