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[Town Rollback Request] SirSlitix


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Name: SirSlitix
Town Name: Schnekiii  (Town Owner is london_skeleton)
Coordinates: x: 4569 z: -3139  (Its on the moon)
Time: 11 am- 3pm Date: 23.03.2019
Description of Issue: As the server has a lot of issues right now. It seems to rollback a lot. I invested about 5hours the day before extending my base, which later that day got a rollback. Pretty much completly pissed I rebuild everything in a span of 4-5 hours with a bid of help from kyrofox. That was about 1am-5am today(23.3.2019). Same day at around 7pm my entire rebuilding got reset once again. As i just bought premium and dont think there is something as a refund, I would definetly like to have that back.( cuz its simply to much to rebuild a third time)

I really really would appreciate help


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