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Raz & D34D's Cave of Wonders

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I wanted to wait until it was finished to share it but since I'll be pretty busy now I prefer to take my time to finish it ^^'.

This the map of the base, I'll make a better one when the base is done and put it on a screen in the hub.


1: Speaking of the hub this is it, I'm very proud of it since I made it before the EMC era and it turned quite well :P, that huge ME controller cube can produce around 20k channels !


You can also see our energy ball up there.


Under the hub there's the ME area, it isn't set up yet but my goal is automate most of the things from this pack there so I need a lot of space.


2: The smeltery room, I thought it would be there jjust for decoration but it turned quite useful to make the molten metals used on the other rooms.


3: The Fluid Cows room, it seems we caught a wild Raz working hard :P, the sky blocks in this room look amazing thanks Ilaya for finding them ^^.


4: The chickens room, this was the first room I built and it turned quite well, I sweated a bit when Raz told me to fit 45 roosts in there.


5: The DE room, for this one I wanted to make an "End"-like theme and that's what I got, the ceiling's animation is amazing but you can't see it here :P


6: The neutronium room


7: The tech mods room, this room is supposed to have a lot of machines but I haven't had the time to add them yet.


8: The Botania room, Raz is the one working on that mod so I tried to give him enough space to work with, I might add another floor if we need it though, the blue thing at the end is molten manasteel.


9: The Thaumcraft room, this is my magic mod and one of my favorite mods so I did my best to make it look nice.


Here's the infusion altar it looks really nice, the purple thing on the walls is molten thaumium to fit with what I did on the last room.


For this room I had to add another floor bcs I ran out of space, it isn't that big though.


10: The void ore miners room, well I think you can guess what's going to go in this room, I just finished it so my slave Raz hasn't got the time to work on it.


A: The corridors


B: The reactor rooms, by far the biggest and the hardest to make because all of those fluids, and Raz wanted to make 4 of those ?‍♂️





Well this is our base so far, I hope you've liked it ^^. But as you can see on the map there's still a lot of stuff to do and at least 4 new rooms, I'll never be able to rest ^^'.

(If you want me to help you with your base we can arrange something ?)

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58 minutes ago, RazAssassin said:

@Rotomegax The Cube Builder cause there's no solar panel to provide power to the Evaporation Controller

@RazAssassin you don't need solar panel, connect Resistive heater to the multiblock complex via Thermal Evaporation valve by place it output to the valve or by using Thermal dynamic Conductor to make Lithium, Brine can be made by using chemical oxidizer with Pam Salt. Finally electrolyze lithium to make Deuterium and Tritium.

I believe more valve and more heater will create effects superior than solar panel

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4 hours ago, Rotomegax The Cube Builder said:

Why don't you use Mekanism reactor? This reactor can provide 51MRF/t and only require salt, some evaporation complex with heater to heat it, electrolyzer and chemical infuser to make D-T fuel. Also its much smaller than Extreme Reactor

We are using the extra utils 2 rainbow gen as our main power gen rn, the reactors are mostly there for decoration and imo they look a lot cooler than the mekanism one ^^

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So after a lot of time spent on other servers (playing but mostly staffing ^^') I came back to finish what I had started. This will be most likely the last change in our cave and we will just add machines and other stuff to the rooms if needed, but the biggest part is already done ^^.

This is how the map looks right now, most of the rooms that were already there are unchanged and I finished aall the rest:


The hub has changed a bit since last time, in the meantime I realized that a max size ME controller was a pain to setup efficiently and all the cables needed would need a bigger room. So now we have this smaller one that can still provide around 4,5k channels. For the ME controller I just made this random shape, at first I wanted it to look like a technilogy artifact inlaid in the base floor but it looks more like a skull or one of those Pacman ghosts xD


He area below has changed too, all the molecular assemblers and ME drives are connected and I also added some Crafting CPUs, there's also a column of a molten metal covered with glass. This isn't only of decoration and it's actually a way I found to hide the cables that go below to the next area.



Speaking of the area below, that area is where I intend to have all the machines and setups that I'll automate with the ME system, it's a bit empty right now but it's just bcs it's quite time consuming to setup everything ^^'.




Another room that has changed a bit since last time is the Void Miner one, we still have to take those too max level.


Now let's see the new rooms, first the Mystic Agriculture one, for this one I wanted to have enough space to automate every seed in the pack, there's the harverster/user method but it's just too laggy at that scale so I went with a ton of Phytogenic Insolators (Garden Cloches would have worked too but they are way too bugged on multiplayer sadly :/) I get the pytho-grow from an energy condenser and I added the Nullification chamber (to disable the production of seeds) and the monoculture cycle augments (this one allows the machine to work indefinitely with only 1 seed). I also added some mechanical crafters on the essences that have only one crafting, only thing left is connecting all the barrels to the ME system.


I ran out of ideas for the 2 last rooms (anyway it's better to have too many rooms that not enough of them ^^') so I just decorated them.




I still wanted to make a room full of skyblocks so this was my chance to make it, the design is quite minimalist but I'm quite happy with it when you are there you almost forget that you are inside a cave. For the other room I wanted to be the opposite so I made a hellish room.

Well there's still one last room, this one is a little bit hidden tho and can't be seen on the map, Raz wanted to have a room full with infinity blocks and I thought that it would look nice in the room of the rainbow gens (I removed the gens so that you could see the room ^^). I still don't like much how they look so that's why this room is disconnected from the rest of base.


So that's it, I'd like to thank Raz for being my cave mate and helping me complete the pack in a record time, alone I would have still built a base similar to this one but I would have given up before finishing like all the previous builds I've made xD. I would have loved to have some Chisel&Bits stuff here and there but it would need at least a hundred hours and that's not going to happen, maybe for our next base.

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