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[Command Request] SlendyOff

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Account Name: SlendyOff
Rank: GM
Requested Commands:

  • /openender (edit) - Ac / Pure | with this command i can have control of items either duppeds or not.
  • /back - Ac | when somebody needs help i teleport with him but i can't get back to the place that i was, this is a bit annoying :l.
  • permission to put dyes on leather armor - Ac (permission to use the workbench?)| this is just for decoration i want to add some armor stand with color leather armor.

are many commands but I really need them to speed up some things, sorry ? .

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Openender we've discussed extensively in staff discord, /back is now added to moderator ranks and above. 

To use the unlocked version of the workbench would require a global edit in the config, changing everyone's permissions. Even with full perms and OP, I cannot bypass the limitations set by the plugin.

I want to leave the settings as it is for now, especially with dyed leather armor, as I want to leave options for making custom armors in the future. 

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