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Network Progression - Drop Zone, Glaskerville and future projects!

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Hello guys!

It's been a while now since we've talked about what has been going on behind the scenes on network, what's being worked on, what's completed and what are our future plans for the coming months.


First and foremost, Drop Zone!

Ever since Dropzone was updated to 1.14.4 and re-added to the server selector, we've been working on polishing it up and fixing a few of the crucial bugs that occurred. And here are some of the bigger changes that were made:

Bugs and additions

  • Fixed a bug that let you sometimes shoot through walls
  • Fixed a bug that made your weapon get stuck in your offhand, and would only get fixed by you dying.
  • Fixed a bug that had to do with a huge lag spike every time you would die, fixed by implementing an improved respawn system
  • Added killstreaks and a killstreak reward every 3rd kill, that lets you reroll your weapon.
  • Updated the resourcepack to a 2D pixelart, as the old resourcepack gave complications to half of all players.



  • Added a NPC at lobby to use to connect to the server
  • Added a sign that let's you rightclick to join the gamemode
  • Added every weapon with it's stats at spawn
  • Set up the Resourcepack to work as a server-resroucepack or downloadable through a LINK
  • Added a server selector as a join item, as well as a discord, resourcepack and buycraft informational item.


And this is the current state of Drop Zone, there is still some work to be done and a few more bugs and features that I would like to get. But grab a friend, hop on and give it a go! And feel free to give any feedback about the gamemode, personally, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out and I enjoy playing more than I thought I would. And I've heard other say the same :-) Don't be shy!


Secondly, Glaskerville!

To me it seems like this is what you guys are most excited about and eager to experience, which is why during the past month we've put our main focus on bringing you this new addition to AssassinS. For you that haven't heard anything about this and have no idea what I'm talking about, check out the teaser announcement made about a month ago:



But today I want to talk to you guys more about what our plans are, and where we are at, and when you can be expecting it to be released to the public.

The whole philosophy with Glaskerville is to put a greater focus on RPG elements and custom features, and at the same time give you a reason to revisit and replay the parkours and dungeons within this city that is more than just pure gold.


When completing dungeons in Glaskerville you will have a chance to earn one or more Tokens that will be used to purchase upgrades to the shop inside the town, that will then offer you better deals, some of which might be tied to a cooldown. You will also be able to purchase "effects" that are exclusive to inside the town that will make your time in Glaskerville a bit more... comfortable.



The town will feature 3 full length dungeons and numerous traders for you to find. 


The town has also gone over a visual overhaul seen in the picture above. The left is the before, and the right is the after


There are still one dungeon left to build and a handful of features that needs to be properly implemented. I've stressed before how difficult it is to put a "release date". But right now we're looking at e release of around mid October, but Halloween at the latest.


You guys voted on a previous topic what you guys would want to see next from Craftersland, and that vote decided that you guys wanted to see a brand new server added to the network. And that is still very much our plan as I've slowly started working on it, but what kind of server it'll be has yet to be determined!, So if you've got any ideas or suggestions please post them as a response in this topic or create a "suggestion" topic.


The current pipeline:

  • Dropzone90% done
  • Glaskerville - 60% done
  • Bringing back old ACv1 dungeons30% done
  • New server10% done

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First of all thank you for the work and effort you've put into this Henk, I don't really know how hard it is to put everything together but, it doesn't look that easy, we all appreciate it.?


I have a small suggestion that a lot of people would like, I personally would love it. I want to ask for the Factions server back, it was really fun to just gather stuff, go raid people and have fun. It was something new everyday, and people are already trying to do that on pure survival. They try raiding people and that isn't allowed there nor possible, that's why I'm posting this small suggestion, because it was really fun and I think a lot of people would play it again. If you want to make a poll about it I'll be one of the first people to vote :D


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It's honestly amazing to see the progress network has had over these months/weeks, and I'm super proud of all the staff that's put their hard work into it.

Thanks honestly Henk for all the hard work and effort and time you've invested into network, I know it's hard catering for network since it's a hard community to branch into but, your work is an example of determination and dedication for the server. 

Can't wait to experience it all!!

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