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[Command Request]

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Account name: ¡¡TzFermin_                      @EPICfighters  @Henk   @brunyman

Rank: sponsor +

Commands requested:  [ /Top  in AC, skyblock, Pure Survival and Hiipo Survival] 

Reason for request: I ask this command for fun who does not like to go through walls in this time of Hwalloween?

another subject

I wanted to ask if they can give me permission in the World Edit of Commands // Copy also // Paste

Reason for request:  I need these two commands called  //copy  and  //paste because sometimes I make large spheres and I need half of it to place in a specific place

I will not abuse these two commands I just want them for construction

Here below I leave a picture of some contructions that I did with Word Edit so you can see that I used Word Edit in good ways


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48 hours have passed we have different hours


Aris: It's about the time that has gone by since your last reply, not the date you made the topic. In this case, it was only a day or so. 

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