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How to activate kappa mode recipes


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if people have problems with that or their game/client crashes when entering the single player mode, just copy this:

# Configuration file

general  {
        S:acceptedModes  <


it needs to have exactly 13 lines as seen here in notepad++ :

paste it in notepad++ and save it as new file named packmode.cfg and then put this file in your config folder from project ozone 3 and replace the existing one with the new one and then restart the whole client and game

or if this is way too complicated too, then download the file here (for free and without any virus, etc.): https://filehorst.de/d/dDEfJfIf  wait 15 seconds and then click "Jetzt zur Downloadseite" and download the file, put it in your config folder from PO3 and replace the existing file and then restart the whole client and game.

if you made it correctly, then kappa mode is enabled and you can craft all the recipes in PO3.

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