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Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles Modded Server update to modpack version 7.3a is complete!


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Our Dungeons, Dragons and Space Shuttles server got updated to modpack version 7.3a! About 54 mods got updated with lot's of other tweaks and fixes.


  • Updated all configs and scripts.
  • Updated quests.
  • Updated  the launcher client version.
  • Updated about 54 mods.

Official Change log:


Cleanup Patch 7.3a (+Server Pack)
Don't forget to Update your Questbook as well! Command: /bq_admin default load


-Downgraded Dank Null to version 1.7.90 (This downgrade fixes some serious issues like oredict mode and such but will also clear your dank null inventory! Secure your stuff!)

-Added LagGoggles Clientside
-Fixed some minor Quest issues and removed a duplicated quest
-Added a bunch of TAIGA fluid-dimlets to RFTools-Dimensions
-Dragonsteel ingots requires now slightly more dyonite then before


Patch 7.3 (+Server Pack)
Don't forget to Update your Questbook as well! Command: /bq_admin default load

Important Stuff:
-Updated 54 Mods
-Fixed/Added/Solved over 37 Github tickets and requests
-Various new dependencie mods which are required for latest Exchanger update
-Fixed Refined Storage Inventory Tweaks sorting not respecting locked slots (Thx to Landmaster/Raoulvdberge)
-Fixed IntegratedDynamics batteries losing energy between saves [Thx to the ID team]
-Replaced PlusTic with xXx_MoreToolMats_xXx [Nothing will change for players, in JEI you have still to use @plustic to search things for this mod]
-Added Eezo ore to the Deep Dark Y-Lvl 10-90 so not restricted to bedrock (Reset Dimension -11325 if you like to find some)
-Replaced Slaugthering trait from Terrax with elemental and dense. Slaugthering causes some server crashes
-Mana Tesseract is now visible in JEI an can be combined with any items to create a specific channel
-Reworked Evilcraft Chalice recipe and fixed the channel usage
-New Artisan tool sets have been added that can be crafted with majestic ingots (6k durability)
-Added New Dimlets for various metal blocks with high energy maintain costs: Copper, Tin, Lead, Silver, Nickel, Aluminum, Mana Infused ore aka Mithril, Platinum, Iridium [RFTools Dimension]
-Most Dimensions with molten metals or blocks costs now more energy then before
-Supremium Armor can now be repaired in all Cyclic Anvils
-Crafting recipes for reservoirs have been temporarily removed due to serious fluid dupes until they are fixed by the authors [already crafted ones will stay]

Many Additions by IceandFire: (check curse or ice&fire discord for the full patchnotes)
-Added Summoning Crystals, Items that can be used to teleport dragons anywhere in the world and find lost dragons
-Added Hydras, monstrous, poisonous, multi-headed snakes that can only be killed using fire.
-Added Dread Liches, rare necromancers who spawn in cold biomes
-Added Dread Beasts, Thralls, Ghouls, Knights, and Scuttlers, all servants of the Dread Lich
-Added Mausoleum structure
-Added Dreadstone and Dreadwood blocks
-Added wandering cyclops spawns
-Made all mobs’ idle animations smoother

-New Item in Artifact Lootbags -> "Guts Remnent" (Cleaver) [Patreon Reward for Kolerath <3]
-New Item in Artifact Lootbags -> "Summer's Sting" (Rapier) [Patreon Reward for Sparky Summers <3]
-Slightly renamed Avarita Singularitys to avoid misunderstandings
-Alugentum dust can now be processed in the TechReborn Electrolyzer for Technitium/Aluminum/Silver
-Added melting recipes for all Mystical agriculture "metals" like inferium ingots or blocks to magma crucible
-The permanent bifrost block was added to the sealable compatibility glass list
-Tungsten and Hot Tungstensteel requires now a full upgraded IBF with Advanced Casings and lava inside (3880 heat)
-Added new mass-crafting recipe for Red Alloy Ingots in all Alloy Smelters, Induction Furnaces etc.
-Carbon Dioxid can now be importet/exportet in and from Rockhounding Systems via Transposer
-Ammonia can now be importet/exportet in and from Rockhounding Systems via Transposer
-Added all missing Dense and Vacuuum Itemducts to Carpenter
-Added a dough recipe in the carpenter [including boosting mixture]
-Silicone Blocks can now also be smelted in the Magma Crucible and Nuclearcraft Melter
-Added Mekanism Biofuel support for all Rustic plants and fruits
-Oredicted all stone buttons
-Interdiction Pulsar (Cyclic) now works on hostile mobs riding non-hostile living mobs by moving their mounts (such as zombie chicken riders or mobs on horses). [thx to Lothrazar]
-Reworked Laser Lens [Actually Additions]
-Reworked Shock Absrober [Actually Additions]
-Reworked Flügel Tiara [Botania]
-Balanced Auto Chisel [Chisel]
-Structure builder now optionally uses the GPS markers, so you can target an offset location and set the orientation of rotating blocks such as stairs [Cyclic] [thx to Lothrazar]
-Structure builder Diagonal setting now uses size to build across just like a roof [Cyclic] [thx to Lothrazar]
-Structure builder has a new Horizontal Cylander building mode [Cyclic] [thx to Lothrazar]
-Reworked Ancient Draconium Block [Draconic Evolution]
-Reworked Tier 10 Rocket [Extra Planets]
-Reworked Lightning Reagent Block [Extended Crafting]
-Reworked Quantum Compressor [Extended Crafting]
-Reworked Resonator [Extra Utils]
-Added Apatite Block to Factorizer (split/combine) [Forestry]
-Reworked Circuit Fabricator [Galacticraft]
-Reworked Energy field provider [Industrial Foregoing]
-Reworked Villager Trade Exchanger [Industrial Foregoing]
-Reworked Lava output for mechanical squeezer recipes [Integrated Dynamics]
-Reworked Input Variable Transformer [Integrated Dynamics]
-Reworked Starmetal Seed [Mystical Agriculture]
-Reworked Concentrated Compound [Magic Bees]
-Reworked Teleportation Core [Mekanism]
-Reworked Gas Burning Generator [Mekanism]
-Made Entagnloporter a bit more expensive but you get now two at once [Mekanism]
-Reworked Neutron Irradiator [Nuclearcraft]
-Added a Sifter recipe for Scallion Seeds [Pam's Harvestcraft] <Github request>
-Multi Armor requires now Draconic Armor [Overloaded]
-Reworked Solar Panels T5,T6,T7,T8 [Solarflux Reborn]
-Balanced Photovoltaic Cells T5,T6 [Solarflux Reborn]
-Reworked Data Orb [Tech Reborn]

-Master Assembler 2k20:
----> Added a recipe for Data Orbs
----> Added a recipe for Minecraft Anvil
----> Added a recipe for Cyclic Sprinkler
----> Added a recipe for OpenBlocks Sprinkler
----> Added a recipe for Extra Utilitis Transfer Pipes

-Advanced Alloy Smelting Factory:
---> Added new mass-crafting recipe for Red Alloy Ingots
---> Added Boosting recipe for Enderium Ingots
---> Added a new recipe for concentrated compound (including boosting recipe)
---> Fixed Mirion bug

-Added 1x new Quest in Tier 0
-Added new Shop Reward: Rustic Bees
-Added new Shop Reward: Rustic "Flower" Bundle #1
-Added new Shop Reward: Rustic "Flower" Bundle #2
-Fixed broken rewards for beating the Chaos Dragon [T5 Quest]
-Fixed broken task for Draconic Evolution Creative Flux Capacitor [T5 Quest]
-Fixed some more typos
-Some more text improvements and cleanups by Danekjovax ❤️

-Fixed and reworked Neutronium Solar Panel (used wrong previous tier)
-Fixed Very Heavy Oxygen Tanks (accepts now any color of heavy tanks)
-Fixed wrong Chrom Dust output when using Saphire Dust in the Indsutrial eletrolyzer
-Fixed Storage Tablet recipe
-Fixed some broken Silktouch interactions with Exchangers [special thx to Jackyy <3]
-Fixed prices in Pam's Market
-Fixed Energy Field Provider recipe [Industrial Foregoing]
-Fixed wrong carpenter recipes for signalum plated ducts
-Fixed a crash when random placing silktouched Underground Biome ores [thx to Aang234]
-Fixed a client-side crash during blood moon with openmodular turrets [thx to Keridos]
Updated Mods:
-COFH Core
-COFH World
-Creative Core
-Doomlike Dungeons
-Extra Planets
-p455w0rd's Library
-Thermal Cultivation
-Thermal Dynamics
-Thermal Expansion
-Thermal Innovation



Hardcore Adventure & Expert Quest-Pack


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