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FTB StoneBlock2 Server update to modpack version 1.18.1 is complete!


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  • Founder


Server address:  sb2.craftersland.net


We just updated our FTB StoneBlock 2 server to mod pack version 1.18.1! This is a medium sized update with few mods added, fixes and tweaks.

IMPORTANT! FTB Team decided to stop updates on Twitch launcher, so you can find this update only on our CraftersLand Launcher or on FTB App.



  • Updated 18 mods
  • Updated all configs and scripts
  • Removed 1 mod
  • Updated Sponge, LukyPerms and Nucleus


The update is also available on our Launcher,  download here: LINK


Official change log:


1.18.1 UPDATE

  • Downgraded VanillaFix #751

1.18.0 UPDATE

Mods Updated:

  • CraftPresence-1.12.2-1.6.5.jar
  • CraftTweaker2-1.12-
  • Cyclic-1.12.2-1.20.2.jar
  • CyclopsCore-1.12.2-1.6.4.jar
  • DankNull-1.12.2-1.7.100.jar
  • FTBUltimine_1.12-1.2.2.jar
  • HammerLib-1.12.2-
  • IntegratedDynamics-1.12.2-1.1.6.jar
  • LootTweaker-0.1.7+MC1.12.2.jar
  • minetogether-1.10.2-2.2.4.jar
  • Morph-1.12.2-7.2.0.jar
  • Psi-r1.1-78.jar
  • randompatches-1.12.2-
  • randomtweaks-1.12.2-
  • RedstoneArsenal-1.12.2-
  • SmoothFont-mc1.12.2-2.1.2.jar
  • StorageDrawers-1.12.2-5.4.2.jar
  • VanillaFix-1.0.10-150.jar

Mods Removed:

  • RealisticItemDrops-1.2.14.jar


  • Blacklisted yabba from NotEnoughWands moving wand and displacement




Stone all the way!


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