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Prohibiting to beg for other player info etc.


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Hello everyone, hope you doing great today.

Small story

This night, I had situation with 3 players that were begging me to add them in discord and 1 even asking me to add him in snapchat, told them 2 or 3 times that I won't add random people to my discord, but they kept begging.

Main idea

The main idea is that staff could create additional rule that prohibits players to beg for other players private info and ask them to add them somewhere they don't want,

Example: If player A asks player B to add him to somewhere as discord for example, and if player B refuses to do so then it is forbidden for player A to ask again for it. (Can ask only 1 time)

(Idea is to prohibit begging for private info and to add somewhere, not prohibiting to ask)

Why this could be good idea

As we know, not only adults are playing here but also kids, that may not understand that adding random people somewhere is not always good idea, and they could be insulted via discord as example or any other app and maybe get their private information leaked accidently, and CL staff can't do anything about that cause its not in CL Network. (If adult will not fall into "HaHa you are not adding me cause you are scared HaHa" it does not mean that kid won't fall into it and add toxic person)

In additional it will stop toxic people to beg to add them somewhere non-stop as I had it yesterday as exmaple.


(This idea is for an additional step to insure safety in CL, not only for servers, but also for players that are playing here and to try prevent other people be harmed outside of CL network by other players.)


Please tell me what you think about it in commends, I will be happy to know your opinion on this and suggestions if there is an.

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  • Manager

Even though you have a point about kids adding random people met in game, we can't create a rule that completely prohibits asking to add a person to a private account. We can't take any responsibility for your private messages and accounts outside of the Craftersland network.

Indeed if you tell someone that you don't want to add them, spamming you over that becomes harassment which is not allowed, neither in our discord server or in game. You can always ignore the person (/ignore <player>) and make a complain if you see that he insists on it.

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