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     Hello! Its me! Awesome_Andy! Today I will be talking about item transportation! Also, I will NOT be covering logisticspipes(too complicated). So what are we talking about here? We are talking about itemducts, and buildcraft pipes. Please correct me if I'm wrong with anything. First, we got buildcraft pipes. How to craft them. They are usally just glass inbetween 2 of the matirials the pipe is made of(check NEI). Now the basics. Most pipes have uniqe functions. some are self-explanatori some are not. I'll be only explaining the hard stuff here. Iron pipes are routing pipes. they can have up to 5 inputs and 1 output. the output is the see-through side. it can be edited with a buildcraft wrench. Diamond pipes are used to sort items add items to the sorting list by clicking on the pipe with them and putting them in a slot. Emerald pipes are sorting extraction pipes(I'll explain extraction later) they dont seem to work though(for me). Last, obsidian pipes will suck up nearby dropped items if if it is powered by RF. Now we talk about extraction. Connecting a normal pipe to a chest wont do anything. You need an extraction pipe! Extraction pipes are wooden and emerald. connect them to the inventory, power them with RF, and connect them to other pipes like stone or gold. If the inventory is full, the items will be spat out. Now itemducts. They can be configured with a cresent hammer and is built with 2 copper and 1 lead/pulverized lead. The arrows point towards and tells the itemduct where to transfer the inventory. blue means the item goes in, red means it goes out. The red side must be powered by a redstone signal to transfer the items. and now we're done here! Meet you in tekkit!


if you have any questions feel free to ask me.


Edit : Please ignore the spelling mistakes

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