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[Buycraft Issue - Delivery Completion] *Fang Langford*


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In game name: Ingenieur_13

Proof of Purchase: http://imgur.com/gallery/NXtLvSM

Description of Issue: Incomplete delivery of the privileges of Rank (INF Premiun - while it was on sale).

Time/Date of Purchase (day/month/year): 15:48 PDT/Thursday/August 30/2018

Items/Rank Bought: INF Premium

Screenshots (Optional): Can provide upon request.

Any other important information: I received all the Commands:  /heal, /feed, /enderchest, /workbench, /hat, /sethome (6 homes), and /fly. I can can create signs with color, format and magic codes and use format and magic code in a nickname. That all came through and works fine.

But recently, I discovered I didn't get the "112 town claim blocks" as advertised, I'm still capped at twenty (and someone or something came along and killed all of my villagers. Those I'm going to replace; no problem.) I'd just like to add their village to my build. (And maybe a roadway.)

Your Humble Servant,

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