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FTB Interactions Server updated to mod pack version 2.0.3!


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Server address:  it.craftersland.net


FTB Interactions 2.0.3! This is a small update with mods updates and some fixes.

IMPORTANT! FTB Team decided to stop updates on Twitch launcher, so you can find the latest version only on our CraftersLand Launcher or on FTB App.



  • Updated 6 mods
  • Removed Dynamic lights mod and added VanillaFix mod
  • Updated all configs and scripts
  • Server maintenance complete


The update is also available on our Launcher,  download here: LINK


Official change log:



New void world speed run record holder ~ A$ide$ilence! 31 minutes, 4 seconds.

He now replaces the previous record holder in the quest book until someone beats his time...

Xaeros world map:
    Several people have been mentioning the world confirmation prompt. To get rid of this
    press the button to confirm, and then go into your Xaeros settings and set it to single world. 
    This should prevent the prompt from appearing anymore.
Mod Removals:
    Dynamic lights - This mod is incompatible with Phosphor and will no longer recieve support for 1.12.2 :(
    It is now suggested players add optifine and enable dynamic lighting which has similar functionality and is even more performant
Mod Additions:

Mod updates:
    Advanced Rocketry->crash fixes
    FTBquests>Fixes bugs
    inControl 3.9.17->bug fixes with mob health
    librarianLib 4.2.1->bug fixes
    randomtweaks>adds keybind for potion effect toggle, feather falling no longer tramples crops
Config Changes:    
    Greatly increased asteroid size and yield for all asteroid mining missions, added a small planetoid target which should act more similarly to a traditional void quarry    
    Fixed manganese and molydbenum veins not always spawning under certain conditions
    all solar systems will now generate (and retrogenerate) 5~11 gas giants each
    each of these gas giants now has a chance to provide gas mining missions for these fluids
    GT Tools are no longer meltable
    Gas missions are now 10x faster than standard AR settings
    added a warning about not using buckets with replicators

Quest Changes:
    New quest in the void tab on how to aquire string
    New quest in the void tab on how to aquire a rain shield and what it does
    party tools section updated with a clearer path to get into tinkers tools
    New quest in the void tab explaining rustic apiaries and regeneration potions
    fixed lots of quest typos/formatting errors
    added more quest info detailed vis shard aquisition
    Reference to "Magic stick" questline updated to "What is this sorcery" questline in "Alchemical annoyance" quest
    Added information on how to obtain glowstone early
    added a link to an insight video showing how to automate the squeezer (Thanks Tazz)
Recipe Changes:
    AR Crystals can now be processed into AA crystal shards and provide rare dust byproducts.            
        Power buffer now available early LV
        item buffer now avaialble in steam age
        basic capacitor now avaialble in early lv
    Basic vanilla stained glasses can now be chiseled between tinkers variants  ~Contributed by community member redgoblin88#6825
    Fixed AR Mass detector recipe missing dilithium crystal 
    fixed basic ender alloy recipe 
    red alloy foil no longer takes 238 seconds to process at lv....
    added nickel ore to ore processing chain
    Fixed hellfire kiln recipes
    added early game alchemy array recipe for transmutation tablet, no longer requires darkmatter
    Added early game rain shield transmutation recipe
    Cheater's thauminomicon is now craftable much sooner, added an optional quest for it. 
    lowered the starlight cost of quartz sliver crafting to 12 from 120, should make crafting stacks much easier
    Aevitas constellation paper now requires fluxed phytogrow instead of starmetal
    spectre coils now require fine red alloy wire instead of foil
    Orbital Miner buffed!
        Orbital Miner now provides the following resources:
        Dense ore Variants of:
        AR Crystals


Cross mod interactions!


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