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[Command Request[ akaElite


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Account Name: akaElite
Rank: Sponsor
Requested Commands^: WorldEdit (worldedit.*) , Creative Permissions , /effect , /enchant (essentials.enchant.*)
Reason for Request*: 

WorldEdit: I would like W/E perms so I can build bigger bases more effectively and make it more enjoyable overall. I plan on playing tekkit mostly to build now, so W/E would be pretty helpful with that.

Creative Permissions: I never had these taken away, but for some reason when my two ranks were "re-merged" (see https://forum.craftersland.net/topic/40646-rank-upgrade-akaelite/) my creative access was lost.

/effect: Sometimes it's night outside, or dark in the area I am building in, and reapplying night vision potions every however long is getting quite annoying. I would like to be able to just give myself night vision for a specified amount of time and not worry about having to re-splash myself with potions or drink another one.

/enchant: This is because I can not use the NEI version of enchanting. I think I am supposed to be able to.. If not, there is no reason for this command.




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Sorry for the late response.
Sponsor Rank Reactivated, and fixed the no creative access.

Enchant has been added, and we do no give out /effect 
And worldedit has been added, please note all usage is logged any abuse of worldedit will result in removal and further command requests will be denied.

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