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launcher doesn't launch the game/cannot connect to game

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Good evening, so, my problem is that i can't connect to servers.

When i try to, laucher just shows me console with text( screenshot below )

I have Java Version 8 Update 261 and 64-bit windows ( Windows 10 ).

Really want to try ur servers, so i hope u had similar issues before and succesfuly solved them.1207951795_Desktop04-08-202023-14-07-658.png.76e77141894949544fa3040633dc53e0.png


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14 hours ago, CriticLC_ said:

Good night! What modded server do you plan to play?

Well, i want to play on FTB DireWolf20 ( because it was WIPED no so long ago). I tried to enter other ur servers ( like RLCraft), but the same problem occured on them as well.

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