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Good evening, so, my problem is that i can't connect to servers.

I tied to play DireWolf20 ( because it was WIPED no so long ago), but then THIS arrived (look at screenshot below). I tried to enter other ur servers ( like RLCraft), but the same problem occured on them as well.

I have tried reinstalling java and launcher several times, but it haven't changed anything.

I have Java Version 8 Update 261 and 64-bit windows ( Windows 10 ).

Really want to try ur servers, so i hope u had similar issues before and succesfuly solved them.

Desktop 04-08-2020 23-14-07-658.png

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Is your system a X32 or an X64 computer double check and if its x32 you need normal java not the x64 version.... also did you try allocating more rams to the launcher?

For more rams you go Option-Java- minimum 1096/maximum 4096/PermGen 256, try to change the mim and max depending on your rams like 2048/5120

Also be sure to uninstall all other java.

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