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[Town rollback request] JustAPal


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Your Name: JustAPal
Town Name: Gods
Coordinates:  -5461 -2150
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 08-20 (August 20 everything should be fine)
Description of Issue: Someone griefed my ME drives with a mining well. They shouldn't have had permission as they were not a town friend or a townie. Probably a bug abuser abusing some exploit that allows to place blocks inside of a claimed town. Coal was most likely dropped on a hopper because they could not right click it within a town and the rest of the blocks placed somehow within town territory.
Screenshots (Optional): 2020-08-28_12_20_26.thumb.png.c63543e6f14277dd015957a85a5644e1.png2020-08-28_12_20_17.thumb.png.8e0106f2940d8224d4fac233c0b38734.png

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  • JustAPal changed the title to [Town rollback request] JustAPal

Hello @JustAPal

Unfortunately, I do not have a rollback point that goes back that far the furthest I have is August 30th.

I have asked @brunyman if he has a rollback point that is further.
If we do not or if the one we do have is too far back we may have to do a refund request.
I am sorry for this inconvenience. 


I have spoke with Brunyman, I will not be able to rollback that far. 
We will have to do a refund request instead, I am sorry about this inconvenience.

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Ok thanks I'll make a list I guess though I don't remember what I had for sure it was a long ago. Wanted to avoid a refund request because a town rollback would have been so much simpler since it's just one block but town rollbacks take forever so I guess I have to go annoy a mod with refunding my items then I guess.

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