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Rollback Request - griefed


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Your Name: In game username: Thenightmare_970
Town Name: Segregates
Coordinates: x: - 2478, y: - 80 , z: 3948
Time/Date (Post a time/date when everything was fine): 8/27/2020, 9 pm US Central Standard Time (CST) 
Description of Issue: My base was completely raided. (Screenshots below), ME system and all drives taken, base destroyed, power supply destroyed (reactor), etc. 
Screenshots (Optional): 6fd1c70a12e6a428bb187ae8ab320ec4.jpg


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Hello @NJ970

Unfortunately, I do not have a rollback point that goes back that far the furthest I have is August 30th.

I have asked @brunyman if he has a rollback point that is further.
If we do not or if the one we do have is too far back we may have to do a refund request.
I am sorry for this inconvenience. 



I have spoke with Brunyman, I will not be able to rollback that far. 
We will have to do a refund request instead, I am sorry about this inconvenience.


-I have also added 10,000 ingame balance to your account for not being able to help with this.-

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