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[Inventory Rollback/Rollback request] Undertakerin


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Your Name: Undertakerin
Coordinates: x-x-x
Time/Timezone/Date (Post a time/timezone/date when everything was fine): 27.09.2020 /  7:40am gmt+2 berlin time
Description of Issue: 27.09.2020 between 7:55-8:00 am the server crashed and deleted my complete progress, inv, skills, etc. and i spawned on top of the spawn
Screenshots (Optional): 

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thx for rollbacking 90% are back, but i'm missing some items from before the crash/rollback that got deleted at the rollback, i list them


1x supremium pick with fortune 3, soulbound 3, effi 5 (was a gift from asood)

1x aurorian sword max levelled i think

1x aurorian shovel with effi 5 and nearly max levelled

1x tinkers shuriken (same as the nihilite-dragon bone, etc. one from sielanka) (was a gift from sielanka)

1x miners pick (the one with enchants that can be found in lootchests around the world/dungeons)

1x silktouch dia axe

1x builders wand

ingredients to make lock picks for aurora tower boss and ingredients to make the keys for the moon queen castle (had nearly 2 stacks of every ingredient in my second inv from the inv cake)

11 backpacks, but i think the backpacks are buggy and can cause server issues that ends in a data deletion/corrumption at a server start/crash, so i think it's better not to give the backpacks back!


i'm not 100% sure if this was all, but getting my lost stuff back is better than nothing....

shuriken screen: click to enlarge


the shuriken in my inv is just borrowed from sielanka, he, she, it wants it back after i got mine back

thanks in advance



*edited forgot builders wand and screen

Edited by Undertakerin
forgot screen and builders wand
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  • Manager

I added the supremium pick, the silk axe, the builders wand, the ingredients for the lock picks and Sielanka's shuriken (almost the same as the one you have) in your inventory

I guess i will need to find you online in order to give you the aurorian pick and shovel and the ingredients for the keys for the moon queen castle


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