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[Complaint] BloodSkals


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In-Game Nickname: (One complaining about) Salt9264

Your name(Optional) BloodSkals

Time and date: 12-10-20, 00:40 UTC+2

Description of what happened:

I was wandering around when Salt9264 asked about something, then I answered him, after what he used the /invsee command to spy on my inventory, telling me I had a nice shuriken. Hating this kind of attitude, I told him to stop using that command on me because that's intrusive and I don't like that. He firstly didn't get the point of my sentence, then I kept telling him to keep his hands in his pockets. Undertakerin joined the conversation saying it's useful to spot cheaters/hackers, which I replied that I don't care and it's the staff job to do that, players are not the police of the server.

Salt9264 laughed at me and said "What am gonna do steal ???"
After what he tagged all my "normal" items in my inventory with his creative mode through the command /invsee.

Screenshots or Proof: 






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