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Time for WIPE in Assasin's Craft [AC]?


Time for WIPE in Assasin's Craft [AC]?  

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  1. 1. Public want WIPE in [AC]?

    • Yes, I want WIPE
    • No, I DON'T want
    • I don't care...

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1. Suggestion, Yes, I want WIPE:

Add V. 1.6.4, add New Armor Netherite and guns, Fix Bugs and Dupped Items, remove all things for more fun, New Parkours, New Cities, More Objects in Black Market [BM] and it changes every month, New Shop, Parkours Remake, Update Plugins, Spawn Remake and low rifle damage and more.

2. No WIPE:

No changes, everything as it was is fine. 

3. I don't care:

I don't know If I want WIPE, only I want new parkours and remakes or more things.


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There is one suggestion that I would like to do.

It consists of making the tutorial easier and at the same time more accessible, for example that you appear there the first time you enter, although it is true that the current one explains clearly and in detail the game, I consider it to be some extensive, I have preceded cases that people spend hours or get bored because they cannot pass the tutorial, which by its name should be easy and explaining the modality.

Thanks ?

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Speaking of new players, why not add a super basic kit for newcomers?

op players take advantage of new players as they have nothing to start with.

Another topic that i would like to touch on (Spawn Camping) i was seeing some suggestions made by a fellow staff

Suggestion 1 seems great to me as well as Suggestions 2 in general they are all very good.

Have a nice day!!

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