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Roguelike Adventures and Dungeons server update to version 1.41 is complete!


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Server address:  rad.craftersland.net


Server update to modpack version 1.41 is complete. it's a big update with mods added and some updated! This update is available for download on CurseForge and our Launcher.



  • Added 10 mods
  • Updated 26 mods
  • Updated configs and scripts
  • Maintenance complete


Official changelog:


R.A.D. 1.40a --> R.A.D 1.41

- Ancient Spellcraft
- Better Placement
- Crafting Tweaks
- EasierVillagerTrading
- JEI Integration
- Just Enough HarvestCraft (JEHC)
- More Overlays
- Waila Harvestability
- Wawla - What Are We Looking At
- YUNG's Better Mineshafts (Forge)

	Aroma1997Core (Aroma1997Core-1.12.2- --> Aroma1997Core-1.12.2-
			* Added support for String arrays in config files. (Aroma1997)
			* Hopefully fix #40. (Aroma1997)
			* Fix Rcon not being able to execute admin commands. (Aroma1997)
			* Version. (Aroma1997)
			* Fixed a bug with spamming chat messages. (Aroma1997)
			* Version (Aroma1997)
			* Fixed #39 (Aroma1997)
			* Improve world teleportation. (Aroma1997)
			* Fix backwards compat. (Aroma1997)
			* Added a shortcut for registering a packet as packet and handler. (Aroma1997)
			* Clean up some more of the teleportation stuff. (Aroma1997)
			* Minor cleanup. (Aroma1997)
			* Fixed AromasMods/MiningWorld#176 (Aroma1997)
			* Fix build script for nonexistant changelog files. (Aroma1997)
			* Fix AsmHelper iteration. (Aroma1997)
			* Add exception to previous change. (Aroma1997)
			* Only make the crash command in dev env. (Aroma1997)
			* Increased teleport respawn invulnerability. (Aroma1997)
			* Fix Miningworld/#161 (Aroma1997)
			* Fix packets not being sendable from client to server. (Aroma1997)

			* Hopefully fix #40. (Aroma1997)
			* Fix Rcon not being able to execute admin commands. (Aroma1997)
			* Version. (Aroma1997)
			* Fixed a bug with spamming chat messages. (Aroma1997)
			* Version (Aroma1997)
			* Fixed #39 (Aroma1997)
			* Improve world teleportation. (Aroma1997)
			* Fix backwards compat. (Aroma1997)
			* Added a shortcut for registering a packet as packet and handler. (Aroma1997)
			* Clean up some more of the teleportation stuff. (Aroma1997)
			* Minor cleanup. (Aroma1997)
			* Fixed AromasMods/MiningWorld#176 (Aroma1997)
			* Fix build script for nonexistant changelog files. (Aroma1997)
			* Fix AsmHelper iteration. (Aroma1997)
			* Add exception to previous change. (Aroma1997)
			* Only make the crash command in dev env. (Aroma1997)
			* Increased teleport respawn invulnerability. (Aroma1997)
			* Fix Miningworld/#161 (Aroma1997)
			* Fix packets not being sendable from client to server. (Aroma1997)

			* Fix Rcon not being able to execute admin commands. (Aroma1997)
			* Version. (Aroma1997)
			* Fixed a bug with spamming chat messages. (Aroma1997)
			* Version (Aroma1997)
			* Fixed #39 (Aroma1997)
			* Improve world teleportation. (Aroma1997)
			* Fix backwards compat. (Aroma1997)
			* Added a shortcut for registering a packet as packet and handler. (Aroma1997)
			* Clean up some more of the teleportation stuff. (Aroma1997)
			* Minor cleanup. (Aroma1997)
			* Fixed AromasMods/MiningWorld#176 (Aroma1997)
			* Fix build script for nonexistant changelog files. (Aroma1997)
			* Fix AsmHelper iteration. (Aroma1997)
			* Add exception to previous change. (Aroma1997)
			* Only make the crash command in dev env. (Aroma1997)
			* Increased teleport respawn invulnerability. (Aroma1997)
			* Fix Miningworld/#161 (Aroma1997)
			* Fix packets not being sendable from client to server. (Aroma1997)

			* Version. (Aroma1997)
			* Fixed a bug with spamming chat messages. (Aroma1997)
			* Version (Aroma1997)
			* Fixed #39 (Aroma1997)
			* Improve world teleportation. (Aroma1997)
			* Fix backwards compat. (Aroma1997)
			* Added a shortcut for registering a packet as packet and handler. (Aroma1997)
			* Clean up some more of the teleportation stuff. (Aroma1997)
			* Minor cleanup. (Aroma1997)
			* Fixed AromasMods/MiningWorld#176 (Aroma1997)
			* Fix build script for nonexistant changelog files. (Aroma1997)
			* Fix AsmHelper iteration. (Aroma1997)
			* Add exception to previous change. (Aroma1997)
			* Only make the crash command in dev env. (Aroma1997)
			* Increased teleport respawn invulnerability. (Aroma1997)
			* Fix Miningworld/#161 (Aroma1997)
			* Fix packets not being sendable from client to server. (Aroma1997)

	Atum 2: Return to the Sands (Atum-1.12.2-2.0.19.jar --> Atum-1.12.2-2.0.20.jar):
			* Added additional checks for Sand Layers
			* Fixed a couple of UTF issues

	Better Diving (BetterDiving-1.12.2-1.5.7.jar --> BetterDiving-1.12.2-1.5.8.jar):
			* fixed creepvine made completely out of blocks with seeds
			* updated initial oxygen amount
			* updated item energy tooltips
			* other minor creepvine improvements

	Chance Cubes (ChanceCubes 1.12.2- --> ChanceCubes 1.12.2-
		ChanceCubes 1.12.2-
			Backported the Global reward disable system

	Corail Tombstone (Corail Tombstone 4.0.0 for 1.12.2 --> Corail Tombstone 4.0.1 for 1.12.2):
		Corail Tombstone 4.0.1 for 1.12.2:
			This mod supports mc version from 1.8.9 to 1.16.4
			Minecraft Version = [1.12.2] - Forge Version []
			Latest : 4.0.1 - Recommended : 4.0.1
			Changes 4.0.1 :
			* texture compression (by Darkhax)
			* fix the perk mastery of tablets (should work better to keep the "use left")
			* fix the order of player saves (.latest) for the command recovery
			* anvil recipes for white decorative graves in JEI
			Changes 4.0.0 :
			* perk alchimist (potion duration)
			* adds the white variants (some existing graves could be rotated or be white after the change)
			* ukrainian translation (courtesy of Almazikhipe)
			* additional configs for enchantments
			* bump to forge version to 2838

	CraftTweaker (CraftTweaker2-1.12- --> CraftTweaker2-1.12-

	Cyclic (Cyclic-1.12.2-1.20.6.jar --> Cyclic-1.12.2-1.20.8.jar):
			"Fixed crash introduced in 1.20.7 energy cable
			Finish feature from previous changelog
			If a block has its fuelcost config set to zero, it now will also hide the energy display in GUI screen, and block capability connections.

			This release jank, try the next one 1.20.8 [https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/cyclic/files/3089348](https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/cyclic/files/3089348)
			[BETA] New config added for energy cost to run machine I:peat_farm=64 [range: 0 ~ 500000, default: 64] in cyclicmagic.cfg file (prevously was hardcoded 64 default).
			If a block has its fuelcost config set to zero, it now will also hide the energy display in GUI screen, and block capability connections.

	Disenchanter (The Disenchanter Mod) (DisenchanterMod - 1.6** for 1.12 --> Disenchanter - 1.7 for 1.12):
		Disenchanter - 1.7 for 1.12:
			First and foremost, what do you need to take into consideration when updating from version 1.6 to 1.7? Here is a list:
			* ids, nbt, etc. remain the same, so no need to worry about disappearing blocks
			* config-options have been renamed, so I recommend deleting any old configurations for this mod and editing the new one; here is a short list of changes:
			* options to enable/disable crafting-recipes have been moved into their own category ("crafting")
			* option to check version on startup has been removed, as disenchanter uses the forge update checker for this task now
			* the "general"-config category has been removed
			* "MaxDurabilityDamageReduceable" has been renamed to "MaxDurabilityDamageReducible", as that is the correct spelling
			* add Jar of Experience which can be used to convert enchantments into experience, add upgrades for this jar (closing [#46](https://github.com/Impelon/Disenchanter/issues/46))
			* add cycling table variant/upgrade which allows to gain transferred enchantments in any order
			* rework major core parts of source code, overall huge improvement towards making code more maintainable and avoiding future bugs
			* switch to Forge's capability-, annotation-based configuration- and updater-systems
			* switch to Minecraft's new recipe- and advancement-system, making recipes customizable
			* add options to disable certain items and enchantments from being used
			* add option to disable curse-enchantments from being used
			* add options to configure position and visibility (flipped, invisible) of the book above the disenchantment table
			* add option to show the upgrades of the table when viewing the GUI
			* fix enchantment-loss, not it's actually usable, aka. fix [#54](https://github.com/Impelon/Disenchanter/issues/54)
			* fix issues related to disenchantment tables with custom names, aka. fix [#55](https://github.com/Impelon/Disenchanter/issues/55), fix [#56](https://github.com/Impelon/Disenchanter/issues/56)
			* fix [#47](https://github.com/Impelon/Disenchanter/issues/47) in a better, more permanent way, therefore enabling dropping of items from the GUI again
			* fix items with no durability being destroyed, aka. fix [#39](https://github.com/Impelon/Disenchanter/issues/39), fix [#51](https://github.com/Impelon/Disenchanter/issues/51)
			* fix issues related to automatic disenchantment table, aka. fix [#44](https://github.com/Impelon/Disenchanter/issues/44), fix [#50](https://github.com/Impelon/Disenchanter/issues/50), fix [#35](https://github.com/Impelon/Disenchanter/issues/35), fix [#36](https://github.com/Impelon/Disenchanter/issues/36), fix [#34](https://github.com/Impelon/Disenchanter/issues/34)

	Doggy Talents (DoggyTalents-1.12.2- --> DoggyTalents-1.12.2-
		DoggyTalents-1.12.2- | 8th October 2020
			* Fixed dupe bug possible with the pack puppy talent
			* Fixed crash with Primitive Mobs camo | 15th April 2020
			* Fixed crash with ItemPhysics mod | 1st September 2019
			+ Added German language file (de_de.json), thanks to Creepingpasta from github | 15th August 2019
			* Fix shearing baby dogs turning into adult wolves
			# Upon changing mode dogs will reset attack target and pathing | 5th July 2019
			* Fix broken throw stick & bone recipes | 26th June 2019
			+ Add some secret dog stat tracking in the background (more coming soon)
			+ Add help message when trying to feed food to incapacitated dog
			# Improve dog bed material API
			# Recode fetch item, so fetch items now keep nbt tag and will allow easy addition of more throwable items in the future
			* Fixed dogs attacking players when obey others is on
			* Fixed dog not sitting when on head
			* Fixed dog bed custom particles being sent to far away players
			* Fixed dogs still attacking entities when incapacitated | 25th June 2019
			+ Add summary of treat bag contents to tooltip
			+ Remove max id limit on talent registry
			+ Play hearts effect when dog is fed
			# Reduced size of dog data payload sent to client
			# Change log level of registration events to 'debug'
			# Dogs respect pickup delay on fetch items and pack puppy
			# Cleaned up gender dog and added unisex gender
			# Change time for dog pups to 2 minecraft days (can change in config)
			* Fix dog bed, dog bath and food bowl staying when block below is destroyed
			* Fix fisher dogs dropping fish in rain
			* Fix dog model going crazy when shaking and death animation starts
			* Correct bone render for child dog | 15th June 2019
			+ Can use pick block button on dog with gives doggycharm
			+ Fix dogs wandering when trying to follow owner
			# Change entity tracking param to be less demanding
			* Fix natura fusewood casing texture
			* Remove inventory string in treat bag GUI
			* Fix incorrect bounding box for different dog sizes | 13th June 2019
			+ Untamed dogs (don't mistake dogs with wolves) can also be tamed with training treats
			+ When untaming a dog with collar shears it will drop it's pack puppy inventory
			+ Add two new dog textures
			+ Can now Fill bottles from dog bath
			+ Dogs now run to water when on fire
			+ Update zh_cn lang file (Thanks to mcBegins2Snow from github)
			+ Update zh_cn lang file (Thanks to kellixon from github)
			# Redone config file and options
			# Changed roaring whistle errors messages from chat messages to status update messsages
			# Improve last owner name tag (shift to see owner tag below dog name)
			# Change roaring gale chat messages to status messages
			# Improved follow AI
			* Fix not dismounting dog in water and not being able to stay underwater for long (swimmerdog) | 31st May 2019
			Requires forge or higher
			+ The whistle now has different modes (shift click to change mode), replaces command emblem and is also used for shepherd dog and roaring gale talent.
			+ Added whistle sounds
			+ Shepherd Dog Talent now works, use the shepherd whistle and dogs will round up animals so they follow you and stay at the back keeping them in check. Level 1 allows 1 animal to follow while level 5 allows 16 animals to follow.
			+ Wandering mode now works properly, if close enought to it's bowl will stay within 5 blocks, otherwise will continue to follow you until you get back to the bowl
			+ Added Dog Owner changer, will change any dog to be yours
			+ Using the doggy charm on a dog will spawn a tamed baby (creative only)
			+ Using a stick will on an incapacitated dog will tell you how to revive your dog
			+ Improved radar messages and it will now give info about dogs in other dimensions
			+ Added tooltips to creative collar and creative radar
			+ Added help message when using stick on incapacitated dogs
			* Removed command emblem - whistle has the command emblem features
			* Dogs no longer take damage when on 0 hunger
			# Changed versioning protocol
			# Reduce the general wander range from 10 to 7 blocks
			# Default config option for spawning with doggy charm is now false
			# Roaring gale talent now uses the Roaring whistle
			# Lots of under the hood changes
			# Changed most lang translation keys
			* Fixed format error in talents with description including a % symbol
			* Fixed warning message due to way DataParameter objects were registered
			* Can no longer attack a dog you are riding
			* Fixed crash on server startup | 29th April 2019
			+ Added config option so that puppies will get some levels from parents up to a max of 20.
			+ Added config option to disable dog bed being able to use mod planks to reduce the amount of beds
			* Set max stacksize of treat bag to 1 to fix item duplication bug | 9th April 2019
			+ Radar is now fully functional, will now inform you of the location of your dogs. Just remember to put a radio collar on them! Aesthetics and refinements to come :)
			+ Added creative radar, will let you know where your dogs are no matter if they have a radio collar on
			+ Added config option to disable dog skins and always use default (this is client only so will only affect you, other players can still use the textures)
			+ Added config options to disable the rendering of the pack puppy chest and wolf mount saddle
			# The first dt skin is now the default minecraft skin, so if you use a texture pack your dog will fit in better :)
			# Moved saddle and pack puppy chest texture to their own .png file
			# To open the pack puppy gui you now shift while holding nothing instead of holding a plank.
			# Updated Russian translation files with new translation (thanks to Just-random-user off github)
			* Fixed dogs still being susceptible to posion even above level 3 posion fang | 15th February 2019
			* Fixed crash with older versions and newer versions of CreativeCore
			/ Updated source code to MCP mappings stable_39 | 10th December 2018
			# Renamed Doggy Settings to Dog Behavior settings
			# Moved Talents config category under Dog Behavior Category
			# Changed lang text for general settings category and dog behavior (former doggy settings) category | 10th December 2018
			* Fixed #114
			* Corrected PuppyEyes phrase 1 string error | 8th December 2018
			+ Added ability to toggle rather a dog whines when it is low on hunger
			* Removed empty General settings category until further notice
			* Fixed textues for Pack Puppy and Dog Bowl, #111 | 6th October 2018
			* Fixed puppies running backwards forever, #110
			* Small amount of code cleanup | 6th August 2018
			* Fixed dogs suddenly disappearing on the server side, #106 | 4th August 2018
			* Fixed dogs not following when the player is holding a bone, #104
			* Fixed issue with Roaring Gale not affecting certain mobs, #102
			# Made dogs check for master order items in either the active hand or the off hand, #102
			+ Dogs can now eat off the ground, #103 | 1st August 2018
			* Fixed post initalization crash with newest version of CreativeCore #99
			* Fixed some bed casings from ExtraTrees not showing up
			# Changed casing name to match Foresty
			# Improve registery logging
			* Removed Dendrology support | 1st July 2018
			* Fixed some bugs in #86, made the dog's legs move only when it is moving while being ridden.
			/ Beginning work on WorldSaveData in order to get the whistle to function | 31th May 2018
			* Fixed bug #65, made Fisher dog talent and water bath work again!
			* Fixed item interaction bug
			+ Added genders! Which are configurable
			+ Added dog basic info, will show the dog's health, gender (if true), speed, age, and owner!
			+ Added Roaring Gale talent
			/ Updated to latest version of Forge:
			1.15.0*** | March 2018
			Only supported version is now MC 1.12.2 and above

	Electroblob's Wizardry (Electroblob's Wizardry - 4.2.11 - MC 1.12.2 --> Electroblob's Wizardry - 4.3.1 - MC 1.12.2):
		Electroblob's Wizardry - 4.3.1 - MC 1.12.2:
			Version 4.3.1 - Hotfix
			* Updated Chinese translations, courtesy of TUSama et al.
			* Updated Korean translations, courtesy of 방통
			* Updated Hungarian translations, courtesy of Bombadil
			* Updated Spanish translations for the handbook, courtesy of Alsentar
			* Updated Polish translations, courtesy of Olej
			* Spellcasting animations now disable themselves automatically when MoBends is installed
			# Fixed issue #517, where wizardry's custom model override system conflicted with one or more mods (probably Optifine)
			# Fixed issue #518, a crash caused by conflicts between spellcasting animations and other mods' custom player renderers
			# Fixed issue #519, a ticking entity crash when wizards cast certain ray spells
			# Fixed issue #520, where receptacles attached to an imbuement altar would drop on block update
			# Fixed issues #529 and #530, in-world and inventory rendering glitches when arrows were stuck in the player
			# Fixed issue #533, yet another player animations crash

		Electroblob's Wizardry - 4.3 - MC 1.12.2:
			Version 4.3.0 - The Library Update!
			^ Updated Forge to
			+ Added fancy player animations when casting spells! (And a config option to disable them)
			+ Added appear and disappear animations for summoned creatures
			+ Added a disintegrate animation when entities are killed by the disintegration effect
			+ Added a purple overlay to mind-controlled and possessed creatures
			+ Added grow/shrink animations for various constructs, and existing grow/shrink animations are now smoother
			+ Added a variety of new sounds for existing spells, especially ice spells
			+ Added swirling blizzard-like particles to the ice age spell
			+ Added new cloud particles to the blizzard spell
			+ Added 2 new library-update-themed spell HUD skins
			+ Smoke bombs are now 200% more smoky
			+ Bottled thundercloud now has an animated texture
			+ The arcane workbench tooltip now supports word wrapping for really long item names, and resizes to fit the content
			+ The spell HUD now appears to glitch out when under the effects of arcane jammer
			+ Added an icon to the wizard trade GUI to indicate undiscovered spell books
			+ Added a charge-up meter around the crosshairs for the new wand charge-up mechanic
			+ Added config options to show/hide the spell HUD and charge meter
			* Retextured the wizardry advancement tab background to look like the new gilded wood
			* Retextured ice giants
			* Retextured a few spell icons
			* Shield now has a new animation
			* Book GUIs now have a tinted background, like the rest of the GUIs (why is this not a vanilla thing?)
			* Items with mana now have purple mana (durability) bars
			* Conjured items now have blue timer (durability) bars
			* Renamed the 'No Icon' HUD skin to 'Compact'
			* Improved particle interaction for entities with custom hitboxes (e.g. forcefield)
			# Fixed issue #454, where empowering presence had no sound
			# Fixed issue #497, where mods that render the player on the main menu screen (such as Mine Little Pony) would crash the game when installed with wizardry
			# Fixed non-continuous spells only playing their action for a single tick
			# Fixed the floating item above the arcane workbench not disappearing for other players when the central item is removed
			# Fixed summoned creature particles being off-centre
			# Finally fixed the frost ray and wall of frost sounds (to everyone's ears: I can only apologise!)
			# Fixed the squelch sound not playing for the slime spell
			# Fixed entities still showing the frost layer when invisible
			# Fixed colour not being reset properly before drawing sixth sense markers
			* Removed a few unused sound files
			+ Added gilded wood!
			> A new decorative block that comes in all six vanilla wood types
			> Crafted with wood planks and gold nuggets
			> As well as looking pretty, gilded wood is also used to craft the new library blocks...
			+ Added bookshelves!
			> An aesthetic and functional way to store all of your spell books! (or other books, I won't judge :P)
			> Bookshelves come in all six vanilla wood types and can be crafted with gilded wood and grand magic crystals
			> Placing bookshelves near your arcane workbench will magically link their inventories to it, allowing you to access the spell books within from inside the arcane workbench!
			> Smart omni-directional shift-clicking support (TM) included!
			> Somehow the spell books have become sentient enough to remember which bookshelf they live in, and will return there when put back as long as you don't close the GUI
			> A new search bar inside the arcane workbench allows you to locate spells with ease! Search by element! Search by tier! Search by type, mod id, or discoveredness! Search by any combination of these! Search for multiple tiers/elements/types/mod ids at once! Never ever forget where you put that spell book ever again!
			> The new search system works in the spells creative tab too, and has a handy tooltip!
			> Redstone comparators will output a signal strength equal to the number of filled slots in a bookshelf
			> The maximum distance bookshelves can be from the arcane workbench can be changed in the config
			> The list of blocks that count as bookshelves can also be changed in the config (although 100% seamless compatibility is not guaranteed, so test mod containers in creative first!)
			+ Added lecterns!
			> An encyclopaedia of spells, in block form! Keep track of your spells in style!
			> Lecterns come in all six vanilla wood types and can be crafted with gilded wood, grand magic crystals and a plain old book
			> The book that floats above the lectern allows spell books in nearby bookshelves to be read, without having to go and find them!
			> If you do want to go and find a spell book, click the locate button to highlight the bookshelf where it is located
			> The new super-duper search works in the lectern too!
			+ Added receptacles - right-click a receptacle with spectral dust to light it, and right-click again to extinguish it
			+ Added the imbuement altar!
			> Found only in the new library ruins, the altar has lain dormant for years whilst the walls around it fell into disrepair... but it can be reawakened by placing receptacles on all four sides
			> Used to infuse regular wizard armour with the power of one of the seven arcane elements
			> Can also be used to restore ruined spell books and infuse crystals into elemental crystals
			+ Added elemental banner patterns, crafted with a crystal of the corresponding element
			+ Crystal flowers can now be placed in flower pots
			# Fixed hoppers putting spell books into hidden arcane workbench slots
			# Fixed dry frosted ice not being very icy
			+ Added 11 new artefacts!
			+ Added spectral dust
			+ Added ruined spell books
			+ Wands now have a short charge-up time when casting some more powerful spells (defined in the spell properties file)
			+ Added spell quick access keys to jump to a specific slot on your wand, bound to Alt+1-8 by default
			+ Added item cooldowns to spell scrolls and throwable items (works like the cooldown for ender pearls)
			+ Pressing the use item button while holding a mana flask now uses it on the item with the least charge in your hotbar, offhand or armour slots
			+ Added tooltip desciptions to mana flasks
			+ Added a 1.5x wand progression bonus when levelling up to tiers you have already reached with another wand
			+ Non-elemental wands now get 3 bonus special upgrade slots
			+ Added a config option to change the progression requirements for wand levelling (yup, I finally gave in, enjoy!)
			* Reduced the maximum stack size of mana flasks to 16
			* Reduced the default progression requirement for apprentice tier from 2000 to 1500
			* Excess progression is now carried over when upgrading wands to the next tier
			* When enchanting scrolls, the spell book no longer leaves the GUI until the scroll is removed, allowing blank scrolls to be swapped straight in without having to put the spell book back
			* Bottomless provisions now triggers as soon as you have enough hunger to fill, and also works with satiety
			* Downgraded talisman of transformation to uncommon rarity
			# Fixed issue #428, where selecting the previous spell on a brand-new wand whilst holding another wand in the offhand would cause an ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
			# Fixed issue #435, where purifying elixir would not remove curses
			# Fixed issue #451, where custom currency items with high values would result in unusable trades requiring empty stacks (they are now limited to a minimum stack size of 1 regardless of the value)
			# Fixed wizard armour treating crystal shards and grand crystals as regular magic crystals when charging it
			# Fixed a rounding error when enchanting scrolls, which occasionally caused them to consume 1 crystal/shard too many
			# Fixed continuous spell scrolls not tracking spell modifiers correctly
			# Fixed an issue where master tomes of arcana could be applied to master wands, with no effect
			+ Added remnants!
			> Not-so-friendly animated remains of ancient magic that fly around, and come in 7 elemental varieties
			> Fairly easy to defeat on their own, but be careful not to get swarmed!
			> Are partly resistant to magic, so bring an alternative ranged weapon!
			> Find them guarding the runestone obelisks dotted around the world
			> Sometimes drop spectral dust when slain
			+ Mobs with an owner now inherit their owner's allies
			# Fixed creatures owned or summoned by an ally not counting as allies
			+ Added library ruins!
			> A new structure consisting of a square of crumbling walls and a wooden floor, containing some bookshelves
			> In the centre is an imbuement altar, with some receptacles missing...
			> If you're lucky, a few spell books might have survived amongst the bookshelves, though they might be a bit the worse for wear
			> Can be found in both surface variant (in forested biomes only) and underground variant (everywhere)
			+ Added fishing loot!
			> I was clearing out some old spell books and I may have, erm, 'accidentally' dumped some into the sea - I guess they're finders keepers now so why not see what you can fish out?
			> Spell books aren't waterproof so some of them may be a bit damaged, sorry
			* Spell books dropped by mobs now have a 50% chance to be ruined spell books
			# Fixed the random_spell loot function undiscovered_bias option working the wrong way round (oops...)
			# Fixed some artefacts being in the wrong loot table, and added one or two that were missing entirely
			# Fixed all remaining cascading worldgen lag, if you still get the warning please let me know!
			* Removed blazes, ice wraiths, etc. from obelisk spawners in favour of the new remnants (existing 'mobelisks' won't change)
			+ Added 16 new spells!
			+ The frostbite effect now reduces jump strength as well as speed
			+ Ice age now gives players frostbite II for 20 seconds
			+ Permanent constructs (mainly sigils) can now be dispelled by their owner by shift-right-clicking with a wand
			+ More powerful continuous spells now have cooldowns
			+ Wizards can now cast a bunch more (mostly AoE-type) spells
			+ All spells that buff allies now work on summoned/tamed creatures as well wherever applicable
			+ All constructs now support blast modifiers to increase their area of effect where applicable
			+ Added damage modifier support for spells that create non-living vanilla entities (lightning, shulker bullets, throwables), these also now count as player kills
			* All radiant damage now sets fire to undead mobs
			* Buffed the ward status effect significantly
			* Arcane jammer now only has a chance of disabling each spell, which increases with potency (don't try spamming spells to get round this though, it won't work!)
			* Conjure armour is now a sorcery spell
			* Snowball is now correctly classified as a projectile spell
			* Intimidate is now correctly classified as an alteration spell
			* Arcane lock now locks and unlocks both halves of a double chest at once
			* Teleporting whilst riding an animal or vehicle now dismounts the player rather than rubberbanding (unless the new spectral tether artefact is equipped :P)
			* Evade no longer works in mid-air, to prevent cheesing with maximum cooldown upgrades
			* Mine no longer ignores the playerBlockDamage setting (now if this is disabled, the spell will be useless)
			* Telekinesis now has a small amount of aim assist to help with item entity hitboxes
			* Reduced the base range of lightning bolt from 80 to 40 to bring it in line with other 'attack from above' spells
			# Fixed issue #396, where indirect magic damage would not count as magic damage
			# Fixed issue #418, where the mine spell would drop leaves with missing models when used with the moonstone orb
			# Fixed issue #460, where freeze and ice age would not freeze liquids properly and were able to overwrite some blocks they shouldn't
			# Fixed issue #489, where the game would crash with a ConcurrentModificationException when casting cure effects or remove curse
			# Fixed the cooldown bar not displaying properly for continuous spells
			# Possession no longer works on decoys, eliminating a rendering crash when possessing them
			# Fixed ice age's area of effect being off-centre
			# Fixed blink teleporting players inside blocks that are more than 1 block high (fences and walls)
			# Fixed ice spikes spawning on non-solid blocks
			# Fixed mind controlled entities continuing to attack a target that dies after the mind control wears off
			# Fixed mind controlled entities attacking their mounts
			# Fixed a couple of similar crashes for certain 'throwable' spells
			# Fixed the [Empty slot] spell displaying the 'Spell has been disabled in the config' message despite it not being possible to disable it
			# Fixed the mine spell (plus other mods' mining lasers/gadgets/whatever) being able to break arcane-locked blocks that the player doesn't own
			# Fixed mobs that can destroy blocks (such as the enderdragon and wither) being able to break arcane-locked blocks
			# Fixed earthquake ignoring the playerBlockDamage setting
			# Fixed spells that freeze/petrify mobs ignoring the playerBlockDamage setting
			# Spells that place blocks will no longer attempt to do so outside the world (above y=255 or below y=0)
			# Fixed decay entities not saving to NBT properly
			Mod Integration/Compatibility:
			+ Added JEI integration!
			> JEI will now tell you how to charge and upgrade items and enchant scrolls in the arcane workbench
			> It will also transfer the items into the workbench for you, you lazy wizard
			> Automatic item transfer even works with the new bookshelf system. Heck yeah.
			> JEI will also show information about many of wizardry's items
			# Fixed spell book tooltips not showing up in JEI
			# Conjured items will no longer show up in JEI, they were never meant to be there anyway
			* Spells and other things that affect the world should now interact much better with claim/protection mods and plugins such as WorldGuard (I cannot, however, guarantee it is 100% watertight for all claim mods - the player block damage config option is still there just in case, and it now works on every single spell even if that makes the spell useless)
			* Wizardry now requires up-to-date versions of all dependencies if installed, the game will not launch if any dependency is too outdated
			+ Added a config option to treat passive mobs as allies, preventing spells from dealing indirect damage to them (useful if you practise your spells on a farm, I guess)
			+ Added a separate config option to prevent block damage from spells cast by dispensers
			# Fixed syncing issues with the replaceVanillaFallDamage option on servers
			# Fixed DamageSafetyChecker console warnings, they should make more sense now
			+ Added new chapters to the wizard's handbook relating to the new library update features
			+ Added a bunch of advancements to guide players through the new content
			+ Added Hungarian translations, courtesy of Bombadil
			+ Updated Spanish translations, courtesy of Alsentar
			+ Updated French translations, courtesy of Crowller
			+ Updated Russian translations, courtesy of MugGod2
			* The tiers section of the wizard's handbook now unlocks when a wand is ready to level up, as well as when the player obtains a tome of arcana
			* Reorganised the gameplay category of the config file, splitting difficult-related options and minor tweaks off into their own separate categories
			* Reorganised the entity and gui texture folders
			# Fixed wizardry's keybinds incorrectly warning about conflicts with GUI keybinds
			# Fixed issue #440, where the encoding for the traditional Chinese translations was broken
			# Optimised various entity update handlers, hopefully fixing issue #484
			# Fixed an issue where the game would crash when loading the handbook file due to a null resource manager, things still might not work correctly but at least the game won't crash
			+ Added a method to check if a spell has a given property
			+ Added methods for adding custom book items to bookshelves and specifying a texture to use for them on the block model
			+ Added charge-up modifiers for altering the wand charge-up time
			+ Removed all references to WandHelper from GuiSpellDisplay and abstracted them behind ISpellCastingItem, giving custom spellcasting items full control over the information supplied to the spell HUD
			+ Implemented SpellAreaEffect, used for spells that affect entities within an area, and retrofitted various existing spells to extend it
			+ Added EntityScaledConstruct, an extended version of EntityMagicConstruct that stores and syncs blast modifiers (much like what EntityBomb adds to EntityMagicProjectile)
			+ Added a getter for SpellBuff#potionSet, as requested :P
			+ Added a new method to SpellConjuration, addItemExtras, which allows subclasses to modify the stack after it is conjured
			* Split up WizardryUtilities into several categorised utility classes (BlockUtils, EntityUtils, GeometryUtils, InventoryUtils)
			* ParticleBuilder now only prints the position warning if all coordinates are exactly zero, rather than just y < 0
			* Abstracted all references to WandHelper in GuiSpellDisplay behind ISpellCastingItem, meaning spellcasting items that do not use WandHelper can now work properly with the spell HUD
			* Removed usage of the deprecated server-side I18n translation methods in the config
			* Removed various deprecated methods that are no longer used, they are all either no longer needed or have newer equivalents
			* Removed unncessary reflection for spirit horse

	Extra Spells (Electroblob's Wizardry) (ExtraSpells-1.12.2-1.1.4.jar --> ExtraSpells-1.12.2-1.2.0.jar):
			* fixed startup crash with Electroblob's Wizardry 4.3

	FTB Quests (FTBQuests- --> FTBQuests-1202.9.0.13.jar):
			* Updated version - LatvianModder
			* Probably fixed overflowing of EMC task - LatvianModder

	Just Enough Items (JEI) (jei_1.12.2- --> jei_1.12.2-
			No changelog available.

	LLibrary (LLibrary 1.7.19 --> LLibrary 1.7.20):
		LLibrary 1.7.20:
			* Don't print a misleading crash report on failure to receive data from URL

	LibrarianLib (librarianlib-1.12.2-4.19.2 --> librarianlib-1.12.2-4.22.jar):
			Final 1.12 bugfix release
			* Fixed LibrarianLib's particles causing some overlays to appear gray
			* Fixed LibrarianLib always exporting the texture atlas
			* Fixed a glitch in an internal particle component

			* fixed some UI textures being squashed instead of clipped
			* fixed non-full width recipes displaying incorrectly in guides

			No changelog available.

	LibraryEx (LibraryEx-1.12.2-1.1.3.jar --> LibraryEx-1.12.2-1.2.0.jar):
			Fixed trade config reading/writing incorrect items
			Fixed enchanted books not having enchantments when read from a config
			Fixed biome borders
			Added global biome configs
			Updated logo

	NetherEx (NetherEx-1.12.2-2.1.8.jar --> NetherEx-1.12.2-2.2.1.jar):
			Fixed Quartz Ore not generating in the Fungi Forest biome
			Fixed Glowstone not generating in the Fungi Forest biome
			Quartz Ore and Glowstone will not generate in the Fungi Forest biome in preexisting worlds. To fix this, the Fungi Forest biome config will need to be deleted. The Fungi Forest biome config is located in your world save folder by default (minecraft_install_location\saves\your_world_name\config\netherex\nether_biomes\netherex\fungi_forest.json). It may also be located in the global config folder if global biome configs are enabled (minecraft_install_location\config\netherex\nether_biomes\netherex\fungi_forest.json).
			Previous changes:
			Fixed tools and armor being unable to be repaired
			Fixed biome borders
			Fixed ichor being replaced by blood from other mods
			Fixed pigtificate trades not updating correctly
			Fixed enchanted books not having enchantments when read from a config
			Fixed pigtificates not having a profession when cured from zombie pigman
			Added nether fortresses to all biomes
			Added global biome configs
			Added global pigtificate trade config

			Fixed tools and armor being unable to be repaired
			Fixed biome borders
			Fixed ichor being replaced by blood from other mods
			Fixed pigtificate trades not updating correctly
			Fixed enchanted books not having enchantments when read from a config
			Fixed pigtificates not having a profession when cured from zombie pigman
			Added nether fortresses to all biomes
			Added global biome configs
			Added global pigtificate trade configs

	Open Terrain Generator (OpenTerrainGenerator / OTG) (OpenTerrainGenerator-1.12.2 - v6.jar --> OpenTerrainGenerator-1.12.2-v9.0.jar):
			1.12.2 v9.0
			V9 is the final major version for 1.12.2 and adds the finishing touches to pretty much everything.
			* Significant performance improvement for all world types.
			* Lots of new and improved features to create a smooth experience for users, content creators and modpack developers.
			* Fixed all known critical bugs for 1.12.2. Some non-critical issues remain (see the github), but will not be picked up for 1.12.2.
			Update notes
			* After updating, if you get an error when loading MC that mentions OTG-Core, delete /mods/1.12.2/OTG-Core.jar, an updated OTG-Core.jar is generated the next time you start MC.
			* If you're using a preset that uses .BO4Data files, such as Planets, Moon, Alien Jungle or Wasteland, you'll have to delete any .BO4Data files in the preset directories or your world will log errors and won't spawn BO4's. Note: Biome Bundle, Biome Bundle 'O Plenty and Vanilla Vistas do not use .BO4Data, so they are not affected.
			* Some structure data for existing worlds may be abandoned when updating, leading to /otg structure not reporting structure info or some BO4 structures being cut off (Biome Bundle, Biome Bundle 'O Plenty and Vanilla Vistas do not use BO4 structures so are not affected).
			* /otg map for Forge
			* /otg spawn
			-- "/otg spawn <bo3/bo4 objectname> [biomes]
			-- Objectname allows spaces in the name
			-- [biomes] is for BO4 structures, a list of biomes to spawn in.
			-- Has to be in the form [Forest,Desert]
			-- Now works for Forge.
			-- Allows spawning CustomObjects or BO4 structures
			-- Ignores block checks when spawning objects
			* Added /otg time command, for setting time in a dimension (vanilla command only affects overworld).
			* Added /otg weather command, for setting weather in a dimension (vanilla command only affects overworld).
			* Added /otg export command.
			-- /otg export <objectname> [center_block] [flags]
			-- Exports a worldedit region to a BO3/BO4 file in the GlobalObjects folder.
			-- center_block lets you specify where it puts (0,0) with a material name
			-- Flags:
			-- "-a" to include air blocks
			-- "-t" to include tile entities
			-- "-b" to cut the export into branches
			-- "-bo4" to make the export a BO4 (BO3 by default)
			-- "-o" to override existing file
			* /otg tp searches in an 8k block radius
			* Added /otg particles, shows a list of particles (for use with OTG portals f.e.)
			* Added /otg structure for spigot
			* Added /otg biome -m for Spigot to view mob spawn lists for biomes
			World and Biome Settings
			* For FromImage mode, continuenormal fills gaps in the map, allowing for a basic "hybrid" mode.
			* Added custom fog colour and density settings per biome.
			* Added BetterSnow setting.
			-- Makes snow spawn in layers (1-8), thickness depending on temperature (temperature decreases with altitude).
			-- Leaves can carry max 3 layers, the rest falls through.
			* Added FoliageColor2/GrassColor2 for biomes, instead of a single grass/foliage color, uses a 2-color pattern like vanilla swamps, Forge client only.
			* Added ImprovedBiomeGroups setting to worldconfig, fixes biome groups not changing with seeds.
			* Added ImprovedBiomeBorders setting to worldconfig, fixes borders sometimes spawning in the wrong place / not spawning where they should.
			* Added CustomHeightControlSmoothing setting to worldconfig, enables smoothing for CHC.
			* Added ImprovedSmoothing setting to worldconfig, enables smoothing for vol1/vol2/maxAvgHeight/maxAvgDepth.
			* Added modded sapling support for Forge. Syntax: Sapling(Custom, saplingmaterial, widetrunk, ...)
			* Added DisableOreGen true/false setting to worldconfig. Disables all Ore, UnderWaterOre and Vein resources in biomes that use any type of ore block.
			* Added UnderWaterPlant(), same as Plant but spawns only in water blocks. Use with modded underwater plants like biomesoplenty:coral etc.
			* Replaceblocks has been optimised and is applied only to each block placed by OTG when it's placed, instead of replacing the entire chunk at the end of population.
			* New OTG portal blocks and mechanics:
			-- OTG adds its own portal blocks and doesn't touch vanilla portals, better mod compatibility.
			-- Portals don't disappear on block update.
			-- Configurable portal colors.
			-- Configurable portal particles.
			-- Configurable portal mob spawning.
			-- OTG portals can tp players in minecarts.
			Modpack config
			* Removed all existing behaviours for hiding/showing presets in the OTG world creation menu.
			* Added ShowInWorldCreationGUI (true/false) field to config.yaml per dimension (invisible in UI). Set to false for dimensions to hide their presets from the OTG world creation UI when creating a new SP world. Any presets used for the overworld in any modpack config are always shown. All presets are always shown in the O menu when editing dimensions (presets already used as dimensions are greyed out).
			* If a modpack config is present that uses a non-otg overworld, ShowOTGWorldCreationMenu: true can be set to disable the OTG world creation menu. The modpack config's dimensions are automatically added when the user creates a non-otg overworld. The O menu still works ingame.
			* Dimension id's are configurable via modpack config and when creating dims
			* Added ModPackConfigName and ModPackConfigVersion to config.yaml root, to be updated by modpack creators for each version they release. When an updated modpack config is detected, the config.yaml for an existing world is updated when loaded. Settings like dim id, seed, pregenerationradius etc are not overwritten. Any missing dimensions from the modpack config are added automatically.
			BO3 & BO4 changes
			* BO4's work for Spigot.
			* Entity() overhaul:
			-- Entity() supports .nbt files
			-- Entity() NBT tags are processed like the vanilla /summon command
			-- The Entity() function now accepts resourcelocation as mob name, and writes resourcelocation to file
			-- Made armor stands and item frames rotate with a structure or object
			* Lots of fixes and optimisations for BO4 smoothing areas, including proper rounded corners. Looks much better and improved performance.
			* BO4's use structure center (determined by minimumsize) for highestblock check, instead of the start bo4 chunk (disable via UseCenterForHighestBlock:false, true by default)
			* Added ReplaceWithStoneBlock for BO4's, same as ReplaceWithGroundBlock/ReplaceWithSurfaceBlock.
			* Lots of improvements for BO4's and BO4Data files, performance for BO4 worlds improved significantly. *Note: You'll have to delete and re-generate any .BO4Data files after you update.
			* Players should no longer spawn in an ocean or in mid-air.
			* Fixes and optimisations for the pregenerator.
			* The pregenerator lights and finalises chunks properly, instead of it happening when a pregenerated area is first explored, causing exploration lag. Pregeneration may be slower, but pregenerated terrain is now lag-free.
			* Fixed a security issue when using Sponge and Permissions; OTG now has a list of permissions when running Sponge and a permissions plugin.
			* Improved stability, fewer crashes, errors are logged and operations aborted/skipped where possible.
			* Automatic backup/restore for otg world data files, to recover from crashes.
			* Tons of fixes and minor improvements for too many features to list.
			This is a condensed list, for a full changelog, see the #otg-dev-releases channel in Discord or the OTG github.

		OpenTerrainGenerator-1.12.2 - v8.3:
			Solved several problems with the pregenerator:
			* All pregenerated chunks are now fully populated.
			* Solved compresscache crash for OTG+ worlds. OTG will try to recover corrupted worlds.
			* Added compression for bo4data files used with OTG+ worlds. Files are much smaller, startup times quicker, less stutter when exploring. Users will have to delete and re-generate their bo4data files.
			* Fixed BO3Group setting for BO4's, used with OTG+ worlds.

			* Fixes problems with the "o" menu for BoP/RTG worlds created before OTG was installed ([https://github.com/PG85/OpenTerrainGenerator/issues/345](https://github.com/PG85/OpenTerrainGenerator/issues/345)). - Fixes a crash with Galacticraft when switching planets ([https://github.com/PG85/OpenTerrainGenerator/issues/324](https://github.com/PG85/OpenTerrainGenerator/issues/324)). - Snow is no longer placed on non-solid modded block (plants etc) ([https://github.com/PG85/OpenTerrainGenerator/issues/362](https://github.com/PG85/OpenTerrainGenerator/issues/362)).

	Patchouli (Patchouli-1.0-21.jar --> Patchouli-1.0-22.jar):
			1.12 backport bugfix
			* Attempt to fix progress not syncing properly
			* Fix some crashes with language

	RandomPatches (RandomPatches 1.12.2- --> RandomPatches 1.12.2-
		RandomPatches 1.12.2-
			Normal and elytra movement speed limits can now be configured when Ice and Fire is installed.

		RandomPatches 1.12.2-
			The default login timeout is now 1800 ticks (90 seconds).

		RandomPatches 1.12.2-
			No longer errors when Bigger Packets Please is installed.

	Roguelike Dungeons - Fnar Edition (v2.1.4 Parsing Patch --> v2.2.0 Custom Chest Types Update):
		v2.2.0 Custom Chest Types Update:
			* ✨Modifies the 'type' field to accept arbitrary strings This adds the ability to create custom treasure types. Whereas previous versions had strictly enumerated [Chest Types](https://github.com/srwaggon/minecraft-roguelike/wiki/Chest-Types) (ARMOUR, BREWING, STARTER, etc), mod users can now specify any arbitrary string as the chest type (e.g. "foo", "techguns", "railcraft") to partition which chests will receive that loot. This requires however that some chest also specify that same chest type, which can be done in room configurations.
			* ✨Adds new field 'chestType' which specifies which [Chest Type](https://github.com/srwaggon/minecraft-roguelike/wiki/Chest-Types) should be used when determining the loot when generating this room. This feature initially sought to give treasure control to the mod user on a per-room basis, but nicely complements the custom chest types. By specifying a custom chest type for a room, loot associated with that chest type is enabled to spawn.

	Rustic (rustic-1.1.6.jar --> rustic-1.1.7.jar):
			* + added candle levers

	Signpost (signpost-1.12.2-1.08.3.jar --> signpost-1.12.2-1.08.5.jar):
			Fix 1.08.5
			* Fixed a bug where the game would crash upon interdimensional teleport.
			Please backup your maps, report any bugs and have fun :D

			Fix 1.08.4
			Added three simple waystone models.
			Added the option to choose which waystone models are available for crafting and village generation.
			Fixed an ownership bug
			Also did some code refactoring. Did not add any functionality but might have broken something. Yay.
			Please backup your maps, report any bugs and have fun :D

	Simple Storage Network (SimpleStorageNetwork-1.12.2-1.7.11.jar --> SimpleStorageNetwork-1.12.2-1.8.0.jar):
			Fixed a dupe bug when using allowFastWorkBenchIntegration=true (#303).
			Fix issue where escape key or inventory keybind wont close the network screen.
			4 items ported down from MC1.16: Simple Cable, Storage Inventory, Network Collector, Network Picker.

	Thaumic Augmentation (ThaumicAugmentation-1.12.2-2.0.8.jar --> ThaumicAugmentation-1.12.2-2.0.11.jar):
			* Fixed morphic armor crashing when Construct's Armory is also installed
			* Fixed harnesses not being able to get runic shielding
			* Fixed many impetus linking issues that sometimes caused disconnections on chunk unload
			* Added assorted missing config options
			* Fixed some research spelling

			Note: if you rebinded the elytra booster key, you will need to enable the keybind in the config to continue using it. This had to be done to allow the jump key to be usable for those that prefer it. Sorry!
			* Fixed some incompatibilities with morphic armor, most notably with some CTM models like Twilight Forest fiery armor and extra bit manipulation armor
			* Impetus mirrors should actually work across dimensions now
			* Eldritch guardians no longer count as undead
			* Keys no longer remove all of their NBT on bind/unbind
			* Fixed the starfield glass effect having seams for some people
			* Added a config option to disable TA shaders
			* Made the elytra booster keybind be behind a config option to not break the jump key
			* Fixed an issue where morphic tool/armor infusions consumed the entire primordial pearl
			* Fixed an incompatibility with PlayerAPI, causing the client to crash

			* Hopefully fixed massive lag issues (sorry!)
			* Fixed server error on metaspacial extruder
			* Added proper taint biome colors
			* Added configurable keybind for impetus thruster
			* Updated Chinese localization

	[ANGRY PIXEL] The Betweenlands (The Betweenlands v3.6.2 --> The Betweenlands v3.7.1):
		The Betweenlands v3.7.1:
			* Improved Simulacrum item model scale and positioning
			* Added natural Shambler spawning to Patchy Islands
			* Simulacra can now be renamed
			* Added a mysterious sound when breaking a naturally generated Simulacrum
			* Player burning now removes all Infestation
			* Infestation can now burn, health and splitting behaviour has been tweaked
			* Infestation can now be shaken off by shaking the head
			* Optimized Wisp particles and slightly improved their rendering
			* Improved Stalker and Infestation spawn rates
			* Adjusted XP drops for several mobs, thanks to okl for the suggestion
			* Added a new ability to the Stalker
			* Equipment inventories are now cleared preventively to improve compatibility with certain gravestone mods
			* Improved spawn egg colours, thanks to okl for tweaking the values
			* Fixed Mossy Cragrock textures not tiling
			* Fixed Swarm particles being too small, causing a crash when OptiFine is installed
			* Fixed Simulacrum Fertility effect triggering immediately when placing the block
			* Fixed Simulacra already being active when naturally generated and not yet player placed
			* Fixed Stalker breaking ores that glow
			* Fixed Swamp Hag Peat Mummy Riders (SHPMR) not being able to jump

		The Betweenlands v3.7.0:
			* Added Simulacra to the world; statuettes with mysterious effects
			* Added the new Infestation mob
			* Added a rare chance for Peat Mummy riders to spawn
			* Added improved cave ambience...
			* Added the Barrishee encounter theme
			* Sporelings can now spawn with Splodeshrooms on them during Blood Skies
			* Wights can now change into Tar Beasts after falling into tar
			* Sludges now have Jack-o-Lanterns as heads during the Spook event
			* Added the first part of texture revamps
			* Added Offering Table block

Generated using [ChangelogGenerator 2.0.0-pre5](https://github.com/TheRandomLabs/ChangelogGenerator).


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