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How to get Spawn Eggs


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So here's a guide how to get Spawn Eggs (for example to change a Spawner)

first you need to craft a mob swab to get mob dna, you need 2 wool and a stick

after you crafted a mob swab you need to find a mob like a zombie

hit the mob with the mob swab to get it's dna


after that you need to craft gm food, it contains the mob swab with dna, normal wheat seed and a bucket of liquid xp

if you don't know how to get liquid xp, craft a xp drain singularity tank (or in other modpacks it can be a xp pylon or something else that can collect xp), kill some mobs to get xp levels and sit on the xp drain to drain your xp off in the tank than hit it with an empty iron bucket and it fills up with xp when the tank or pylon, etc. has atleast 1000mb xp stored.

after this when you have the gm food, find a adult chicken and feed it to em, the chicken will explode (without damage) and drops a spawn egg that can be used to change a spawner.

NOTE 1: in some mod packs you can grow chickens by chicken seeds, they're craftable, if you have these seed, plant it on a grass block and bonemeal it to grow a baby chicken, feed the chicken with a stack of wheat seeds and it grows up into an adult without 20 mins of waiting, then feed the adult chicken the gm food.

NOTE 2: it doesn't work for boss mobs like the wither or naga, lich, etc.


there is also another way to get spawn eggs, for this you need to get the capturing enchantment on your sword, it's mostly only avaible with a hellshelf enchanting table with the enchant power of X4. (it's build up the same way as a vanilla enchanting table)
if you kill mobs with this enchant, there will be a chance to drop their spawn egg, this also works on withers, naga, etc. too, but if you try to make a naga spawner, lich spawner, etc. the spawner will break or in some mods packs it's not possible to change a spawner into a naga spawner, etc., so be careful with this method.

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