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Quick Guide how to spawn mobs in SF4


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if you ever were wondering why the heck i'm sitting near my mob farm and no mobs will spawn... so this is cause the mob spawnrate is completely changed in SF4, here's how to spawn the mobs:

1. Method: craft some water candles and a flint and steel, place the water candles in a dark room or mob farm and lit them with the flint and steel, go away ~30 blocks and wait a bit, then the mobs will begin to spawn. (you can build also a mob farm with fans, but remember to collect the items the mobs drop to prevent lags!) and don't set up more than max. 20-40 water candles.

2. Method: very simple, just craft mob seeds and plant them, bonemeal them to grow mobs like a zombie, etc., does not work with all mobs like the androids, etc.

3. Method: get some spawn monoliths, place them in a dark room and go away ~30 blocks and wait for mob spawns, you can build a mob farm too with these.

4. Method: get a silk touch pick (silktouch is craftable with a book and silky cloth) and go to the nether, twilight, etc. to find some spawners, harvest them and build a mob farm, you can also change a spawner with a spawn egg, there's also a guide how to get spawn eggs in this guides area.

5. Method: is the most complicated one, you need to craft mob inprisonment tools and catch some mobs, then you need to set up a mob crusher to kill the mobs and get mob essence for the mob duplicator, add a mob inprisonment tool with a catched mob in it to the mob duplicator, power it and add mob essence too in it to spawn mobs, it can't spawn boss mobs or withers!
you can add range and fortune addons in the mob crusher to get more loot and kill mobs in a bigger radius and you also can add range addons in the mob duplicator to spawn mobs in a bigger radius.

VERY IMPORTANT: always collect the mob drops and make sure not to spawn tons of mobs, these can cause lags, please prevent lags!

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