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[Refund Request]Aintripin


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My GTNH server name is Aintripin

So, on 16.03.2021 evening I was landing on the Moon but I suddenly got a black screen and couldn't see literally anything. I tried to slow down by pressing space but in a short while I got over 10 hearts lost off my heartbar and it looks like I jumped off the ground several times. Once I got everything back to normal I started looking for my landing module. After rougly an hour of searching I couldn't find that which means that the lander broke due to the high speed.

The coordinates of my launchpad in OW were: ( X = 827; Y = 85; Z = -3284 ) (the center of it) (screenshot at https://imgur.com/a/n0xhobk)


Inside of the lander I had:

• tier 1 rocket

•  rocket laucnhpad (x9)

• lander itself


Can I get my stuff back, please?


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